Cashback Apps – Shop and Earn Crypto in Covid 19 Pandemic

Clyte crypto reward platform
Clyte crypto reward platform

Cashback App offers consumers cashback on purchases like shopping online, buying tickets, or paying for a meal at the restaurant. The refund amount could go up to 50% of the money spent.

E-commerce platforms have been cooperating with cashback apps and giving them a part of the commission for referrals. The consumers also receive an amount of commission if they make purchases via them. As a result, it has formed a benefit triangle among buyers, sellers, and cashback apps.

Cashback apps

Cashback app comparison
Cashback app comparison

The current market has many cashback apps that are working effectively, thus, this article will introduce some widely used ones.

Rakuten – This is a cashback website, an app, a browser extension that provides refunds for purchases made at several online and offline retailers.

Ibotta – Similar to Rakuten, it is a cashback – payment app and browser extension that allows you to earn money back on your purchases online or in stores. It is often considered one of the best money-saving apps because of its attractive cashback offers and accessibility.

Both Rakuten and Ibotta are legitimate apps designed to cash back on purchases. They have plenty of similar features that support the traditional cashback model. Still, these two haven’t provided any tools to either increase the small cashback amount or convert it into cryptocurrencies.

Crypto cashback

Clyte crypto reward platform 1
Clytie crypto reward platform 1

These new apps also perform the same cashback function as the above apps, but their cashback is crypto-currency. It seems that crypto apps like Clytie have been significantly changing the online shopping market. By 2021, online consumers can purchase goods on major e-commerce platforms using CLY tokens.

This app works similar to Rakuten and Ibotta. All users need to do is download the plugin, which is currently only available for Chrome.

Additionally, Clytie allows you to earn extra CLY tokens while shopping for any goods, from grocery to pet stuff, from +500 brands on the site.

These brands are all major ones from different sectors such as travel (, Expedia, etc.), food (Coffee bean & Tea Leaf, Postmates, etc.), fashion & beauty (Sephora, Nike, Topshop, etc.), entertainment (Groupon, best buy), service (GoDaddy, Udemy, etc.) and more.  As you purchase, Clytie offers an amount of Bitcoin as reward.

On the other hand, you can also trade the CLY amount you owned on major Crypto exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, PancakeSwap or DODO BSC to swap to BTC, ETH or increase the CLY amount you are holding.

Don’t wait anymore! check out this potential project Clytie now and earn an extra share of BTC and CLY tokens from shopping and doing tasks.

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