Solana to Debut ChatGPT Plugin to Fetch User Data

Solana Labs wasn't clear if the plugin will be released until OpenAI made the plugin functionality available to everyone.

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According to the latest developments, Solana will soon provide a feature to communicate with the blockchain via an open-source plugin activated on OpenAI’s artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, ChatGPT. 

Solana Labs Introduces ChatGPT Plugin

As per a tweet sent out on April 25 by the company responsible for developing the Solana blockchain, Solana Labs, the plugin will enable ChatGPT to monitor wallet balances, send Solana-native tokens, and buy nonfungible tokens once OpenAI makes plugins accessible. 

It would also provide $1 million to programmes that develop AI tools on the blockchain.

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ChatGPT Plugin can Extract Data Held by SOL Addresses

Solana Labs published a screenshot demonstrating how ChatGPT can receive a list of NFTs held by a certain SOL address, each of which has an associated metadata link to the NFT which is sourced through Solana Labs’ block explorer. 

The recently introduced ChatGPT plugins will function by obtaining data from internet sources and communicating with external websites in order to reply to user requests. The functionality is now being made available to all users.

Solana Labs to Provide Greater Authority to Users

Solana Labs also encourages developers to experiment with the open-source code to get on-chain data of interest. However, Solana Labs wasn’t clear if the plugin will be released until OpenAI made the plugin functionality available to everyone.

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Furthermore, OpenAI revealed that ChatGPT users may now “turn off” their conversation history with the use of a new privacy function. In an April 25 statement, the team confirmed the implementation of the new functionality, which was developed to provide customers with greater authority over their data. 

Intersection of AI and Blockchain

According to OpenAI, some features may be found in ChatGPT’s settings, which can be updated at any moment. The company noted: 

“Conversations that are started when chat history is disabled won’t be used to train and improve our models, and won’t appear in the history sidebar.”

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to challenge the boundaries of technical innovation in the business sector. NEAR Foundation just announced a strategic investment in Cosmose AI, valuing the company at $500 million. 

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