Sorare and MLB Inks Partnership to Build Fantasy Baseball Games

Blockchain-based fantasy game developer, Sorare has inked an exclusive partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB) to develop Non-Fungible Token (NFT) powered fantasy baseball games. The partnership which also involves MLB players will see players create their dream team from the players, enter tournaments and earn rewards based on how their teams perform in real life.

Each MLB player will be an NFT and the fantasy baseball game players will get free cards to start with with the option to buy NFT cards along the line.

“The connection between Americans and baseball is enduring. And baseball has always been on the cutting edge of new technologies and innovations, so we’re proud that MLB and the MLBPA have chosen Sorare to deliver an NFT MLB Game to fans globally,” said Nicolas Julia, CEO of Sorare, in a statement. 

“MLB has been at the forefront of interactive games for decades, while baseball has some of the oldest and most established forms of sports memorabilia. Together they show how much fans want to own and be a part of the game. Today, as digital engagement and technology evolves for a new generation, our partnership will help a new and broader fanbase to connect with America’s pastime.”

While the monetary terms of the partnership are yet to be disclosed, the deal will undoubtedly help connect fans with their teams and idols in the MLB with a chance to earn real money.

Sorare to Expand Beyond Fantasy Football With the MLB

Sorare is a pioneer when it comes to NFT-powered fantasy football games through which it has earned its reputation over time. The firm’s partnership with the MLB is an avenue to test out its model with other sporting activities and judging by its track record, its exclusive partnership deals, and its network of investors, it is set on a path to winning.

“We are proud to have collaborated with visionary partners in Sorare, who have reimagined the fan experience through their NFT-based games. The partnership will bring fans even closer to the extraordinary MLB players they admire, as we explore new forms of gameplay and collection.,” said Henry Lowenfels, Chief Product Officer, OneTeam, the MLBPA’s group player licensing partner.