South Korea taps Meta to bring strong metaverse safety measures

The policy includes measures to protect users from illegal information distribution, transparency in algorithm, and Metaverse security.

On Monday, the official media regulating agency of South Korea convened a meeting with Andy O’Connell, vice president of product policy and strategy for Meta Platforms, Inc., to examine methods to increase user protection on the metaverse.

Working towards safety in Metaverse

According to reports from the local press, Ahn Hyoung-hwan, the vice chairman of the Korea Communications Commission (KCC), requested that O’Connell and Meta (previously known as Facebook Inc.) work together to ensure the safety of emerging virtual platforms such as the metaverse. He presented the digital platform user protection policy at the meeting that same day and requested Meta’s cooperation. The policy includes measures to protect users of digital platforms from illegal information distribution, transparency in the digital platform algorithm, and security of new services like Metaverse.

Both Ahn and O’Connell talked about the importance of stopping the spread of unlawful information and the lack of transparency in the algorithms that underlie digital platforms.

Users in North America and parts of Europe have access to Horizon Worlds, which Meta runs. Horizon Worlds is a metaverse platform that is backed by virtual reality (VR) technology.

Because there have been reports of users experiencing sexual assault on Horizon Worlds, Meta has implemented a personal boundary system that places a four-foot spacing between a user’s avatar and others, with the exception of users who have been designated as friends. This system is intended to protect users from being sexually assaulted in the virtual world.

The prevalence of sexual predators on the metaverse is another issue that is being addressed in South Korea. As TheCoinRise recently reported, a South Korean man in his 30s was given a sentence of four years in prison for sexual assault conduct in the metaverse space.

Earlier this year, the Korea Communications Commission established a committee with the purpose of prohibiting such activity.