SPOKpark Gambling dApp – The future of e-gaming


dApp name: SPOKpark

Protocol: TRON

Website: https://spokpark.io


Whitepaper: https://spokpark.io/SPOKpark_Whitepaper_v2.pdf

SPKL Token: https://tronscan.org/#/token20/TSdqRcnAaMUQWRy4zRR8Pd3QuJuBKX9W55

Compared to other gambling dapps SPOKpark offers a much simpler set of gambling experiences. For example, there’s no live video poker or slots.

However, it still has all the deeper retention features you’d expect from a blockchain gambling dapp. Including its own token – called SPKL – as well as lotteries, dividends, and special events.

The game supports betting mining and dividends. More significantly, SPOKpark has also integrated what could be considered game-style retention features.

Main Benefits:

  1. Dividends Distribution 24h
  2. 55% to the Platform players
  3. 40% to the TEAM (*the TEAM will not freeze any tokens in the Platform)
  4. 5% Daily Top 10 wagered prize
  • Mining Events
  • SPKL Token can be used to PLAY on DICE game
  • SPKL Weekly Burn Pool
  • 6 in-house games: DICE, RING, ROCK, SNAKE (ladder), HEADS or TAILS and RAFFLES

SpokLottery SPKL token can be traded on many Exchange and is listed on CoinmarkeCap and CoinGecko

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