Stand Against War To Get Advisory From Evan Luthra: NFTs Towards A Greater Good

The best part about a decentralized donation mechanism is about the surety of your donation amount.
The best part about a decentralized donation mechanism is about the surety of your donation amount.

The war in Ukraine has been consistently kindling even after the active acts of invasion found an exit route. The aftermath of the war has left Ukraine in ruins and there is plenty of work to be done for regaining the lost stature.

In such dire circumstances, people across the globe have found themselves affected by the cruelty that has been inflicted in the form of both mental and physical damage. Everyone is looking for a way to support Ukraine, and Stand Against War opens a direct portal to make a difference!

The best part about a decentralized donation mechanism is about the surety of your donation amount. When you donate from a collective fund, the viability factor can sometimes be misused to advance in different directions, however if you directly send money to an organization that is working on the field, your money will have a better chance of optimum utilization.

What Makes a Project Like This So Interesting?

The concept of donation has been identified as a social responsibility towards the sustenance of the ecosystem. With the use of blockchain technology, the concept of donation can be revolutionized for the maximum benefits of both the donor and the receiver.

The entire machinery of every transaction transpiring on a blockchain is completely transparent and is fully trackable at any given point of time. StandAgainstWar gathered a team of pumped up individuals to create a project that can leverage the power of blockchain for a noble and charitable cause.

The remaining 10% of the money will be retained and used to pay the artists, build future ideas, and help with the massive outreach to find the right set of investors and community members.

What Is The Background Of These Non Profit Organizations?

All the seventeen organizations that have been onboarded as partners are renowned entities known for their fervor in the domain of community service. Stand Against War partnered with the giving block to source the wallet addresses of these NGOs so that the sale money can safely be transferred with security protocols.

The number includes organizations like Project HOPE, Good360, Alight, WONDER Foundation, Mercy Corps, and many more dedicated bunches of people. The partnerships with these organizations help towards the alignment of efforts with impact.

Evan Luthra’s Support To The Win

Serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Evan Luthra has also taken interest in the project to support it with his expertise in the market. He has joined the team to take a user friendly approach so that the concept can evolve and this use case of NFTs can be highlighted for the upcoming generations.

His presence in the advisory team verifies the credibility of the project, and therefore it can be safe to speculate that these NFTs are going to blow up. If you can grab your hands at some of them during the mint, consider yourself lucky!

Inspire The Fire Within

With the trend of digital art making its way in today’s world, a severe degree of fear of missing out can be identified amongst the people who are in this community versus the ones who are not. NFTs are definitely cool, and through the medium of Stand Against War, you can make helping others cool again!

Want to closely see how we work behind the wraps? Head over to the StandAgainstWar website and reach out to their team for learning more about the project, and be sure to follow them on social media for consistent updates.