Survey reveals that people want their partner to be crypto friendly


Given the massive increases most tokens have made over the last few years, crypto is frequently associated with wealth and luxury.

As per the recent survey published by social trading platform eToro on 2,000 U.S. residents, a third of American respondents stated they would prefer to date someone who has mentioned cryptocurrency as Valentine’s Day approaches.

Bitcoin payments matters to Americans

Notably, 74% of participants said that they would like to go on a second date with someone who pays the bill with Bitcoin (BTC).

Nearly 20% of singles would be more interested in someone if they had an NFT as their profile photo on their social or dating account, reveals the survey. Around 68% of poll respondents revealed they would like to date someone they met on a financial platform. A potential partner with interest in digital finance was most appealing to the 35-44 age group.

The Director of Corporate Social Responsibility of the company, Anna Stone, says:

“From online dating to investing in traditional and crypto assets, app-based interactions have become a central part of some of the biggest life projects we can embark upon.”

The study also reveals that money, whether digital or otherwise, is becoming a more popular Valentine’s Day gift. According to the survey, 34% of respondents indicated they would prefer to get cash or a gift card over jewelry, while only 12% said they were interested in receiving the jewelry. Furthermore, 8% said they would want to receive an NFT or cryptocurrency as a gift.

A survey in Australia last year revealed that more than a quarter of crypto investors wants to buy Christmas gifts with crypto.

Crypto adoption is the key

According to a November Pew Research Center poll, 16% of Americans had ever invested in, traded, or used crypto.

Despite a massive 36% drop in overall market value over the last three months, crypto remains incredibly desirable, particularly to the younger generation. After some rough time, the market is finally moving upward. In December 2019, Bitcoin analyst Benjamin Cowen predicted that the crypto market cap could reach $11 trillion by 2023, which implies massive adoption.

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