SushiSwap rejects claims of a billion-dollar bug


The vulnerability of cryptocurrency exchanges is a huge concern for every investor. For this reason, white hat hackers are constantly looking for issues in the infrastructure of blockchain projects like Sushiswap.

Sushiswap gained a lot of popularity after it forked from Uniswap. But a white-hat hacker has claimed to have found a vulnerability that could prove disastrous for the blockchain project. The white-hat hacker considers that this error could charge severe damage that is worth $1 billion.

The hacker further added that the threat was observed while going through the smart contracts used by the decentralized exchange for the creation of markets for trading pairs. The threat put a lot of funds at risk.

Sushiswap rejects these claims

The white-hat hacker claims that the presence of the vulnerability is on the MasterChefV2 and MiniChefV2 contracts. According to the hacker, the “Emergency Withdraw” function of these contracts won’t work, and this puts a lot of funds at risk.

The Emergency Withdraw function comes into effect when a liquidity provider wants to claim its tokens immediately. In the process, they have let go of their rewards for that period.

But, there’s an issue that the hacker made public since Sushiswap developers didn’t take any action. In a Tweet, the hacker claims that when the liquidity providers claim their token, they will have to wait in case there is no reward in the Sushiswap pool.

Developers deny these claims

According to the data gathered by the hackers, the rewards pool will automatically get filled in 10-hours, and liquidity providers will have to wait that long for their tokens.

Mudita Gupta, the “super coder” for the project, took to Twitter to falsify the hacker’s claims. Gupta added, “The hacker’s claim that someone can put in a lot of lp to drain the rewarder faster is incorrect. Reward per LP goes down if you add more LP.”

Also, Gupta has claimed that there is no need to wait for the 10-hour process. It is possible to bypass the process in times of emergency.

The hackers will now approach Immunefi, wherein Sushiswap will award hackers who find vulnerabilities in their infrastructure. The rewards amount to around $40K.

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