Tachyon: The blockchain powered internet protocol


The blockchain-powered internet protocol is aiming to provide users with increased speeds, reliability and enhanced security that the already existing network has failed to meet with time.

V SYSTEMS, the blockchain database created by the founder of the proof of stake (PoS) protocol, Sunny King, and the VPN service that has users around the world, X-VPN have decided that it’s time for a change in the internet ecosystem.

Decentralizing the web

With blockchains and peer-to-peer (P2P) data transmission facilities, the duo aims to create a better internet protocol that would be based on the idea of a decentralized web. This, in turn, would also be serving as a means to raise awareness among the masses regarding borderless internet.


Decentralized Finance (DeFi) apps will be built using Tachyon as it will provide a fundamental layer of decentralized information infrastructure.

The Transmission Control/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) has run its course and hasn’t aged well with time. Alas, it’s time that a better solution was offered in lieu of these outdated protocols. The answer to this problem lies in decentralizing the web with blockchain technology to create better, faster and secure internet protocols to do the job.

The blockchain-powered internet protocol to the rescue

The last decade has seen some alarming virus threats that have been making things for security firms to pull their hair out. One such incident being the ‘VPN Filter’ malware attack that affected nearly five hundred thousand (500,000) routers globally. The other case being the security breach at Yahoo when three billion (3B) user accounts were hacked.

Surveillance organizations such as NSA, GCHQ and the ones responsible for security-related issues on the global forum as the Five Eyes, pick up hacks and security breach scenarios that cause widespread panic and alarm.

Tachyon is the answer to all these contingencies and will be providing a ‘cleaner’ version of the internet that will be used to empower the web 3.0 and the IoT infrastructure to perform at maximum functionality.

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