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With trade talks between the US and China resuming next month all eyes are on the prospect of some kind of a deal. Not all are confident however and one industry executive still favors Bitcoin over any kind of economic recovery based on bilateral cooperation between the two powerhouses. No US China Trade Deal Says […]

China central bank cryptocurrency will not launch in November. Governor Yi Gang denied all the reports that claimed Alibaba and Tencent would be the first one to use the digital currency. There is no set timeline when the government will launch its official digital currency. The governor of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) Yi […]

‘BTC’ Is More Popular Than ‘Bitcoin’ On Google. Baidu search trends in 2019 show China bitcoin interest being driven largely by price action news. Meanwhile, ‘BTC’ has become a more popular search term than ‘bitcoin’ according to data from Google Trends. China Bitcoin Interest is News Driven Tweeting on Friday trader and analyst Alex Krüger […]

Despite the Chinese government’s anti-crypto attitude, Zhao thinks its upcoming Chinese digital currency is good for business. Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of crypto exchange Binance, told today that China’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) will be, “a very good thing for the industry.” China is getting closer to releasing its own digital currency, which will […]

Crypto exchange giant Binance has made its first strategic Chinese Investment after leaving China amid the local crypto trading ban back in 2017. Founded in China in 2017, Binance has participated in a $200 million funding round of Beijing-based Mars Finance, a local crypto and blockchain publication, Bloomberg reported on Sept. 17. Invests in crypto […]

Social media giant Facebook, which is currently trying to get regulatory approval for its Libra stablecoin project, reportedly shared details regarding the project’s proposed backing reserves. According to a report by Bloomberg on Sept. 9, Facebook told United States senators about the backing reserves for the Libra Stablecoin — a type of cryptocurrency valued by […]

HSBC clarified that it would continue to accept payments from crypto..

July 25, 2024

Roma secures Virtual Assets Service Provider License from Dubai VARA

Render Whales Eye Raboo's Presale: Surpassing $2M Outperforming SHIB In Meme..

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