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US SEC Takes Legal Action Against Crypto Firm for Crypto Fraud

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged another Utah-based firm for crypto fraud

Indonesia Embraces Crypto, Issues 501 Tradable Digital Currencies

The Indonesian government through the markets regulator Bappebti has issued a total of 501 tradable cryptocurrencies

Russian Lawmakers Proposes 4 Laws to Regulate Crypto

Lawmakers in Russia are presently working on four laws aimed at regulating various parts of crypto adoption in the country

UK Treasury Seek Comments on DeFi Lending and Staking Taxation

The UK government is seeking comments regarding amendments to current tax rules applied to lending and staking in DeFi

dYdX Shuts Down Operation in Canada Citing Regulatory Restrictions

dYdX, one of the most popular decentralized derivatives exchanges has decided to cut off users from Canada from using its services

UK Regulators Taps Celebrity to Caution Influencers Against Fraudulent Crypto Schemes

Regulators in the United Kingdom (UK) has Tapped a Celebrity to Caution Influencers Against Fraudulent Crypto Schemes

NYDFS Releases New Tool to Improve Digital Asset Monitoring

The NYDFS said it has acquired improved technological tools for monitoring activities of virtual regulated entities

Sen Warren Promises to Reinstate the Digital Assets AML Act of...

United States Senator Elizabeth Warren has made a promise to reintroduce the Anti-Money Laundering Act for digital assets

UK Sets New Ad Rules to Guide Promotions from Crypto Firms

The UK Government has established a new crypto promotion rule that is expected to guide the promotion of crypto businesses to consumers

French Lawmakers Vote in Favor of Softer Crypto Licensing Regulations

Fortune has smiled on crypto firms in France as lawmakers have now voted in favor of rules that will ease out the requirements for licensing

Australia Plans to Launch Token Mapping for Crypto Legislation

Australia plans to roll out a token mapping exercise that will determine the sequence with which these digital assets will be regulated

Japan Regulators Nudge Global Policymakers to Imbibe Crypto Regulations

Regulators in Japan have advised global policymakers to regard cryptocurrencies like banks and tighten the regulation around the asset class

Japan to Reverse Course on USD-Pegged Stablecoin Ban in 2023

The future for stablecoins in Japan may be looking forward to better days as the government is mulling the idea of lifting its ban

SEC General Secretary Dan Berkovitz to Step Down in January 2023

Dan Berkovitz, the General Secretary of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will leave the parastatal at the end of January 2023

Buenos Aires Adjusts Law to make Crypto Mining Activity Taxable

The Argentine province of Buenos Aires has modified its tax laws to introduce cryptocurrency mining as a taxable activity in the new year

Senator Pat Toomey Introduces Bill to Regulate Stablecoin

Sen. Pat Toomey has introduced new crypto legislation that will guide congress on its future path toward sensible regulations of stablecoins

British Columbia Disapprove New Crypto Mining Request

The Provincial authorities in British Columbia have disapproved of new crypto mining request, making it unfavorable for miners at this time

Crypto Bill to Define Role of Central Bank and SEC in...

Nigeria which has a brewing crypto ecosystem is set to install regulations around the industry according to a move from a lawmaker

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