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When I started with Lending Club back in 2010, I was one of its early investors. In fact, Lending Club was the first review. I wanted to document my progress over time to see the progress. Investors can use the Lending Club P2P platform to see potentially higher returns than from traditional fixed-income investments. However, […]

Just as crowdfunding has come to investing and borrowing, it has also made its way to real estate investing. Realty Mogul ( www.realtymogul.com) is a real estate crowdfunding platform where investors and real estate investment sponsors and borrowers come together to create mutually agreeable real estate investments. Overall, we found Realty Mogul ( www.realtymogul.com) easy […]

Personal Capital Review and first time checked a few years ago after becoming frustrated with Quicken. I wanted a service that focused more on the investing side of personal finance: retirement, asset allocation, and taxes. Personal Capital Review summary A free and easy-to-use personal finance software that syncs up all your accounts in one location. […]

Since cryptocurrencies were invented over a decade ago, there have been many attempts to build more advanced, secure and user-friendly wallets to store them – Ledger Nano X has done a great job in this field and cryptocurrency security so continue reading on our Review to know more about it. As of 2020, the current […]

Today I will review DigiFinex Crypto Exchange and their services. DigiFinex Cryptocurrency Exchange currently ranked 12th in coinmarketcap is one of the top exchange platforms right now. This review will give you total insight about DigiFinex Crypto exchange. We would like to suggest you reading also our other Crypto Exchange reviews to select perfect service […]

PeerStreet is doing for real estate investing what Lending Club did for personal lending. So let’s start with an introduction into PeerStreet Review. PeerStreet is a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform that brings investors and borrowers together on one website to create real estate loans. And since it involves real estate loans, its function is more […]

Crowdfunding began as a method to fund personal loans, but it has grown far beyond the pioneering days of Lending Club and Prosper. These days, crowdfunding has gained traction in real estate. It offers an opportunity to invest and profit without the hassles of directly owning investment properties. You can continue reading this article to […]

Crowdfunded investments, there are now a number of platforms that allow accredited investors to take advantage of real estate opportunities once available only to institutions. However, many of these platforms are first and foremost technology companies, and some real estate investors have found their due diligence and offerings lacking. Not so with Origin Investments, which […]

Prosper (Prosper Loans Marketplace, Inc. ) is similar to Lending Club. Prosper.com was, in fact, the first to peer-to-peer (P2P) lending company in the United States, so despite all the negativity at the very beginning, I have decided to write a Prosper review from our personal point of view. Although Prosper’s offerings are not without […]

Using a crowdfunding platform to raise capital is a popular new concept in real estate investing, including Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). Rich Uncles is a wonderful investment platform so we picked it up for a Review. Make sure that all of our reviews are affiliate free based on our own personal and public opinion […]

Fundrise Review – Commercial real estate investing can be an excellent way to grow your nest egg, although it’s not without risks. The big risk? Commercial real estate requires large amounts of upfront capital to purchase a property. In order to properly diversify your portfolio, you should own multiple properties, various types of features (e.g., […]

I am always curious whenever I come across an opportunity to make money via P2P Investing and Real Estate Crowdfunding and investing. I like to make wise investment decisions and this is the main reason why I do research before making an investment. I came across Lenndy as I was going through the various P2P […]

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May 29, 2024

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