$TED Memecoin’s Fair launch Meteoric Rise


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As the $TED memecoin fair launch on Pinksale nears its end, the hype surrounding this hilarious and irreverent newcomer is reaching fever pitch. With over 1300 BNB invested in less than 24 hours and the recent fall of $PEPE inflicting a $600K loss on a whale, $TED BNB is poised to outperform its rival. Let’s explore the astounding success of $TED’s fair launch and how it’s set to surpass $PEPE in the cryptoverse.

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$TED’s Pinksale Fair Launch: A Resounding Success

The fair launch of $TED on Pinksale has been nothing short of phenomenal. Set to end in just two hours, at 9PM UTC, the launch has already attracted more than 1300 BNB in investments. This impressive figure, achieved in under 24 hours, highlights the immense excitement and support for $TED within the crypto community. With its unique blend of humor, accessibility, and transparency, $TED is quickly making its mark in the cryptoverse.

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$PEPE’s Fall: A Turning Point for Meme Coins

In a shocking turn of events, the once-popular $PEPE memecoin recently experienced a significant drop, inflicting a staggering $600K loss on a prominent whale. This unfortunate incident has raised questions about the future of $PEPE and opened the door for $TED to seize the spotlight. As a strong contender with a rapidly growing community of supporters, $TED is well-positioned to outperform its meme coin rival.

The Future of $TED: Surpassing $PEPE and Beyond

As the fair launch on Pinksale draws to a close, the future looks incredibly bright for $TED. Here are some key factors contributing to its potential success in outperforming $PEPE and solidifying its place in the cryptoverse:

  1. Pop culture appeal: $TED’s connection to the beloved movie “Ted” continues to draw in fans and investors alike, creating a strong and supportive community.
  2. Trust and security: With the $TED team renouncing ownership of the contract, investors can trust in the project’s long-term commitment and success.
  3. Tax-free model: Zero taxes on transactions make $TED an attractive option for a wide range of investors, encouraging trading activity and growth.
  4. Fair distribution: The Pinksale fair launch ensures a transparent and fair distribution of $TED tokens, preventing price manipulation and fostering trust among investors.


As the $TED memecoin fair launch on Pinksale comes to an end, the stage is set for this hilarious and irreverent newcomer to outshine its rival, $PEPE. With its strong pop culture following, transparent practices, and rapidly growing community, $TED BNB is poised to become the next big meme coin sensation. Keep an eye on this remarkable project as it continues to shake up the world of cryptocurrency and make its way to the top.

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