Tesla Launches Cyberwhistle to be Purchased With Dogecoin

American electric automobile producer Tesla Inc has released a product dubbed ‘Cyberwhistle’ which can only be purchased only with the cryptocurrency Dogecoin (DOGE). Each Cyberwhistle is worth 1000 DOGE which is equivalent to $61 at the time of this writing.

According to the product description catalog, Cyberwhistle is “inspired by Cybertruck, the limited-edition Cyberwhistle is a premium collectible made from medical-grade stainless steel with a polished finish.”

When the Cyberwhistle was initially introduced in November, it was worth $50. The whistle is designed in such a way that it looks like a mini Cybertruck, one of Tesla’s futuristic car series. In addition, the product includes an attachment feature which makes it more versatile. Many presume that this integrated feature is a hole to help attach it to your lanyard.

The Cyberwhistle is currently out of stock but for those who already made their purchases, their orders will be shipped in the next four to six weeks. The cost of shipping and taxes have already been added to the published cost of the product. Meanwhile, all Cyberwhistle sales are final. 

Tesla Accepts Dogecoin For Specific Merchandise

As seen on the Tesla online shop, DOGE is the only digital asset accepted as payment for some of its products after it ditched Bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Likewise, it was revealed by Elon Musk in December 2021 that the company will accept DOGE for some of its merchandise. 

Elon Musk has also made several proposals to Twitter managers to allow subscribers to its premium service Twitter Blue to make payments with DOGE. Therefore, customers need a Dogecoin wallet to make payments for any Tesla products that cannot be paid for with fiat currency.

Notwithstanding, Tesla will not refund or reverse any other asset or incorrect amount which is paid into the Tesla wallet just like any other digital asset transaction. Explicitly, the company noted that “It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that Dogecoin is transferred accurately.”

Markedly, Tesla boss Elon Musk who initially threatened to back down from his plans to buy out social media giant Twitter has received endorsement from Twitter shareholders in favor of the buyout.