Texas Lawmakers Vote to Add Crypto to State’s Bill of Rights

Texas lawmakers voted to alter the state's Bill of Rights to include a provision recognizing the right to store and use crypto.

On Wednesday, May 10, Texas state senators decided to alter the state’s Bill of Rights to include a provision recognizing the right to hold, maintain, and use digital currency. 

Texas on the Path to Crypto Adoption

State Representative Giovani Capriglione proposed Bill ‘HJR 146’, that states individuals possess the ability to make use of a mutually acceptable medium of trade for dealing and contracting products and services, such as digital currencies, cash, coin, bullion, or scrip, and that this privilege can’t be taken away.

The document was approved by 139 votes to two, and it states that “no government shall prohibit or hinder the ownership or holding of any form or quantity of money or other currency.”

What is the Texas Bill of Rights?

In line with that of the United States, the Texas Bill of Rights protects fundamental liberties such as the freedoms of expression, religion, and the press. 

However, it also incorporates Texas-specific provisions, including the right to a quick trial and the freedom to keep and carry firearms for self-defense.

One More House Vote

Tom Glass, the founder of the Texas Constitutional Enforcement organization, stated on Thursday, May 11, that there will be one more House vote on HJR 146 before it gets to the Senate and a public vote.

Glass added that the inclusion of the right to acquire, keep, and utilize digital currencies in the Texas Bill of Rights will be used as the basis for an argument for law in federal court. 

Governments Recognizing Digital Assets

The Texas Constitutional Enforcement organization believes that adding digital currencies in the Texas Bill of Rights is critical to protecting the citizens’ financial privacy.

This is not the first time that such a measure has been offered by the legislators of any country. Notably, towards the end of last year, Nigeria was apparently prepared to produce a bill that recognises the usage of Bitcoin (BTC) and other digital currencies in the country. 

In addition, a September report stated that the regulatory change will allow Russian people to use digital wallets.