Tezos India Has Teamed Up With NFT Platform Revise: Details

Tezos India has teamed with Revise, a non-fungible token (NFT) infrastructure platform based, to bring Indian developers into the web3 space.

To bring Indian developers and producers into the web3 network, Tezos India has teamed with Revise, a non-fungible token (NFT) infrastructure platform based in Connecticut.

Tezos India was founded to bring the vast Indian development community onto the Tezos network. As part of its effort in the Asian country, the unit is also going after local entrepreneurs, organizations, and companies. 

The two companies have teamed together with the intention of reaching out to India’s sizable film and entertainment sector, as well as the country’s many musical performers. 

Revise believes that the partnership offers a promising opportunity for the ticketing business to adopt blockchain technologies. 

By connecting NFTs to external data, users will be able to gain access to previously inaccessible features and experiences, while also giving developers the freedom to fine-tune the NFT’s internal workings. 

Using the framework provided by Revise, programmers may connect NFTs to web two applications and data, turning them from inert JPEGs into dynamic resources utilizing software developer kit. The company also claimed that users would be able to develop their own metaverses as a result of the partnership. 

Revise co-founder Raunaq Vaisoha stated in a statement about the relationship, 

“We’re happy to deliver a widely sought integration to our users, who can now develop programmable NFTs using Tezos. Many of our customers are involved in time-sensitive NFT initiatives, such as video game and sports data gathering.”

Moreover, Tezos India’s Head of Growth Amanjot Malhotra stated he believes “dynamic NFTs hold tremendous promise and can be applied in a wide range of contexts.”

Tezos Unaffected by High Taxes

Bharat Web3 Association (BWA), a leading cryptocurrency trade association in India, has pointed out the concerns and recommendations to the Indian Finance Ministry regarding the high rate of gains tax on crypto coins.

 Earlier to this news bankers were reported  saying that stakeholders feel they are not gaining from India’s pilot programme to deploy the digital money.