Thailand Tourism Industry To Attract Digital Currency Millionaires

Without any doubt, the Thailand tourism industry is a leading tourist destination in the world.  In fact, the nation currently ranks among the world’s leading travel destinations, with an ever-increasing number of international arrivals per year, which is already growing into the millions, at least, until the COVID-19 pandemic. Having seen the effects of the pandemic, however, the government of Thailand is turning to innovations to help the situation.

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So, in a bid to boost the economy, the government has shifted its attention towards the tourism industry. Quite interestingly though, in 2019, only tourism contributed a whopping 18.21% to the GDP of Thailand.

Meanwhile, the governor of the Tourism  Authority of Thailand (TAT), Yuthasak Supasorn also recently announced the plans of the government to inaugurate a new unit that will be responsible for issuing the country’s very own digital currency, as well as developing a wallet and building a new tourism ecosystem.

Thailand Tourism Looks To Attract Digital Currency Millionaires

Speaking about the development, the TAT governor has confirmed the interests of digital currency millionaires, which has led the government agency to look into the possibility of creating a safe environment in Thailand, where this group of people can easily transact with their digital currencies.

According to Yuthasak, crypto is the future, and so efforts are ongoing to make Thailand a crypto-friendly environment that would be absolutely welcoming to this group of quality tourists.

Obviously as a result of the pandemic however, the international tourist arrival of Thailand dropped drastically from 39.8 million in 2019 to 6.7 million in 2020.

But hopes are high for the TAT for 2022, expecting about a million tourists to be traveling to Thailand within the first quarter of 2022, while also hopeful that 10% of the tourists will be digital currency holders.

TAT utility token creation

As TheCoinrise reported in October, TAT is planning to create its own utility token, even as there is growing popularity of digital currencies.

Also, the TAT coin would help traders to earn more cash from the transfer of vouchers into digital tokens

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