The NFT project Quartz by Ubisoft receives a 96% dislike ratio


Ubisoft Entertainment SA, the French gaming giant, has recently launched a new nonfungible token (NFT) project, Quartz. However, it seems like the gaming community does not like it as the company faces a strong pushback.

Ubisoft has recently shown a keen interest in NFT and blockchain technology which was evident as the company launched its own NFT platform, Quartz. On December 8, unveiled the Beta launch of Quartz through a YouTube video. The project seeks to integrate NFTs and blockchain into existing Triple-A gaming titles, and Ghost Recon Breakpoint has been confirmed as the first game to do so.

Quartz is described in the video as a platform that allows gamers to “gather the first playable and energy-efficient Ubisoft NFTs,” called “Digits.”

YouTube recently modified its policy to conceal the number of dislikes a video receives on the platform. However, TheCoinRise found from the Google Chrome extension that around 96% of the viewers disliked the video.

The dislike appears to be shared by a large number of members of the community as many users lashed out at the firm on Twitter while responding to its latest announcement. Many even threatened the firm on uninstalling and boycotting Ubisoft entirely.

Reddit flooded with posts related to Ubisoft boycott

On Reddit’s r/gaming page, multiple efforts to boycott the new NFT project have been seen. The post titled “Do not support Quartz, the new NFT Ubisoft marketplace” has more than 2,500 comments with an upvote ratio of 93%. The account highlights various issues while stating:

“We have to stand against this practice. This is just another way to nickel and dime players with cosmetics rather than focusing on making quality products with depth. We have to let companies know this is anti-consumer.”

It added that the use of NFT in digital games is not that concerns most to the users; it is the way Ubisoft is using the concept within the games. Before this, the renowned National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden warned that gamers might be exposed to exploitation through NFTs.

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