The Perks of Using Trading Bots in Different Market Conditions

Automated trading and bots can also be used at HitBTC
Automated trading and bots can also be used at HitBTC

HitBTC suits the demands of a diverse crowd of traders – from classic spot trading available for over 800 token pairs to perpetual futures and staking. If you’ve never had a trading gig before, the demo mode will let you gain confidence without betting on real money. Meanwhile, professionals will benefit from a personalized fee structure and a handful of essential tools.

Automated trading and bots can also be used at HitBTC as a part of your main or supplementary strategy. In this piece, we will tell you how to optimize your trading experience via bots aiming to substantially increase your trading hours and, consequently, your profit.

Why Go For Automated Trading

Seasoned traders looking to increase their hours and profit use bots on a regular basis. In fact, it doesn’t matter how experienced you are – automatization is meant to help everyone. Bots’ actions are based on algorithms, and they act according to the predetermined strategy. Your task is to set the strategy up.

The bot, in turn, will trade on particular markets, place orders, close positions, and, basically, do anything you programmed it to do. It will do so 24/7, show no emotions, and stick to the plan until you decide to adjust it due to the new market conditions. The most important part is to properly configure the bot so you won’t need to stay on the charts and pick the right moment to open a position.

Another perk of using bots is that they allow you to track several markets at the same time. Unlike people, bots can place numerous orders and apply various strategies to different markets in one go. After all, when it comes to monotonous work, the human brain and abilities are very limited compared to a programmed piece of software.

Moreover, bots don’t make mechanical mistakes. You would be surprised how many traders accidentally put the wrong price, forget to type that last zero, and end up selling their coins ten times cheaper than they intended. Bots won’t get tired or miscalculate, as they don’t depend on their physical condition.

Finally, automatization will spare you from emotional trading and its consequences. According to some research, 66% of investors made impulsive decisions they regretted. Moreover, 32% admitted to trading while drunk. A large number of people fail to control their emotions, and that’s a huge drawback for a trader. Bots won’t drink and trade, they won’t be influenced by a widespread panic in some Telegram crypto chat, but act based on the initial plan.

Bots vs Bearish and Bullish Markets

Regardless of the market conditions, anyone can benefit from trading automation. HitBTC provides a wide choice of features you can integrate into your strategies, including leveraged trading, futures trading, various types of orders, and more. Whether you’re a fan of a bear market or a bull market, using a trading bot will help you easily handle both of these market conditions without greed or fear.

A bearish market is characterized by a period of the declining price of an asset with short spikes. Psychologically, it may feel strange to buy a token that goes down in price, but in reality, it makes perfect sense as you can get your profit by selling when the price increases again. Later, you repeat the cycle and can even use the borrowed funds to maximize your profit.

If you don’t feel confident enough in the bearish market, there is no need to invest all your money straight away. You can always try opening new positions one by one and celebrate your first small gains. Automated trading works perfectly with this strategy.

A bullish market is premised on an upward trend. During the bull run, a popular strategy is to ride the trend and buy tokens rising in price. The goal is to sell them when they become even more expensive, preferably at their highest point. In this case, the trick is to accurately predict the highest point and the best time for selling, and a trading bot can help you do that more efficiently.

So what are the trading bots that work better with HitBTC? Since the beginning, TradeSanta and HitBTC have been cooperating to simplify the work of traders. The bot allows you to use both short and long strategies, stop loss, trailing stop loss, and trailing take profit, types of orders, margin trading, futures trading, and other tools available at HitBTC. To ensure that bots will enter the market at the optimal point, TradeSanta provides technical indicators, including RSI, MACD or Bollinger signals, TradingView screener, and custom TradingView signals or a combination of them all.

Besides, it comes with a demo mode and works with trading indicators. You can set the trade signals from HitBTC to monitor the market and act accordingly.

The TradeSanta software recently has added a marketplace for copy trading, and now investors are given the chance to see and copy top-performing bots.


Automated trading is not a magic pill that will help you become a millionaire without putting any work into it. You still need to watch market trends and modify your strategies when needed. However, trading bots can become great helpers by significantly saving your time and increasing profit.

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