Timex Enters Web3.0 After Launching 500 BAYC-Themed Watches

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Timex, an American global watch manufacturer, has announced the launch of limited edition timepieces exclusively for holders of blue chip Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club.

To make this happen, Timex collaborated with Web3.0 firm Daz3D and several long-time Bored Ape community members to design 500 bespoke watches. Interestingly, each timepiece is based on Timex Waterbury Classic design and is custom-made with the holder’s Ape and desired customization including strap, case, and etching selections.

Presales for these timepieces will commence on December 2 at an invite-only launch party in Miami during the Art Basel event. Additionally, holders can begin to create their NFT-themed watches online beginning in mid-December. These items will then be delivered in Q2 2023.

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Before that, with 2 ETH, all Bored Ape community members will have access to a Timepiece Forge Pass NFT beginning from December 4 up until December 31st

With the partnership, Timex now joins a number of brands that have deployed web 3.0 and blockchain to communicate its values to customers. Additionally, it provides Timex with the opportunity to redefine and set new boundaries for physical, virtual, and phygital products.

Before this partnership with Timex, other luxurious brands have courted Yuga Labs’ brands to offer custom items to holders of the blue-chip NFTs.

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In August, luxury jeweler Tiffany & Co released 250 customized NFT pendants for CryptoPunk NFT holders. Each of the pendants contained 18-karat rose or yellow gold. Despite selling for a whopping sum of $50,000 at the time, all of the NFTs were scooped up minutes after the launch.

Global Brands Incorporate Web 3.0 Products

The continuous push by global brands to incorporate web3.0 products to improve their brand visibility has led to the rise of metaverse communities and marketing campaigns resulting in significant engagements with users. 

Recall that in June, British luxury automaker Bentley Motors Limited entered the NFT space with its first NFT collection. Similarly, Lacoste, a luxury fashion brand launched its own NFT collection dubbed Underwater.

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