Tom Brady Wants Part of His Salary in Cryptocurrencies


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Seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady has said he would like to have some of his earnings paid crypto assets like Solana, Ethereum, and Bitcoin tokens. The football player is one of the avid supporters of digital assets among sports stars and believes very much in the potential of digital technology.

Brady made this statement in a recent interview with Jim Gray on his “Let’s Go Sirius XM” podcast. According to him, he wants to receive a portion of his NFL salary in digital assets instead of the current situation where he earns everything in fiat. He was particular about his wanted assets, stating that he’d love “to get paid in some Bitcoin or Ethereum or Solana tokens.”

The quarterback further pointed out that the world is gradually becoming more digital while praising the technology behind digital assets. He added that he believes more athletes will soon demand payments in Cryptocurrencies as they offer more transparency and are faster.  In his words, “I definitely see a world where players are going to be paid in cryptocurrencies in the future.”

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This statement won’t be the first time Brady is talking about digital assets. In fact, he’s heavily involved in the industry. In April, he launched Autograph, his own non-fungible token (NFT) platform.

Also, the football player and his spouse, Gisselle Bündchen, acquired an equity stake in the cryptocurrency trading platform FTX. The deal with FTX would see the two serve as ambassadors for the company while also receiving part of the endorsement payments in cryptocurrency.

Sports Embracing Crypto

Already, many sporting stars are taking an interest in Cryptocurrencies through endorsements and investments. For example, new York Giants star Saquon Barkley recently said he would love to receive all future endorsements and earnings in Bitcoin. He made this statement on an episode of “The Best Business Show,” pointing out that Bitcoin is the best store of value in the face of inflation.

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Steph Curry also recently partnered with FTX to be its global ambassador and also purchased an NFT.

Apart from athletes participating in sports, some football clubs like PSV Eindhoven, Southampton and Watford FC have one connection or the other towards crypto.

For example, PSV is the first European club to receive all of its sponsorship payment in the leading digital asset. The football powerhouse also made history as the first football club to have Bitcoin on its balance sheet.

On the other hand, Southampton FC of England would be receiving part of its performance-related bonuses in BTC while Watford has been spotted playing with the emblem of Dogecoin on its sleeves.

All of this moves point to the growth and the increasing adoption of digital asset in the sporting industry.

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