Trade Farming On Delta Exchange: Win $50 Million In $DETO Rewards!


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As a premier crypto derivatives exchange, Delta Exchange has been generating considerable traction from traders lately. The platform surpassed $400 million in daily trading volumes while its monthly volume hit an ATH of $12 billion. The demand for Delta Exchange’s options is on the rise especially in the case of Solana (SOL) and Binance (BNB). To incentivize the same, the exchange launched its mega trade farming program where the users have a chance to win $50 million worth of DETO rewards.

Before we get on with the task of making you aware about the ins and out of the trade farming program, here’s a little peek-a-boo about Delta Exchange and its native token – DETO.

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Founded in 2018, the derivatives exchange offers futures, options, swaps and other derivatives trading in BTC, ETH, SOL, BNB, USDT and 50 other altcoins including spot trading. The platform is backed by known names including Sino Global, Aave Ventures, CoinFund, Kyber Network and Spartan. The exchange’s vision lies in promoting and simplifying derivatives trading for both retail and institutional investors. An entire reward system, meant to incentivize traders, is built around its native token – DETO – where users can earn regular DETO rewards by staking, referring, robo trading or simply, trading on the platform, i.e., via trade farming.

DETO is an ERC-20 based native token that fuels the exchange’s economy. Besides DETO settled financial products, DETO can also be used for paying trading fees and margin trading on the exchange. Its total supply is hard-capped at 500 million tokens. Currently, 140 million DETO, valued at $0.31 each, are in circulation. You can make your first DETO purchase by buying it in the spot market or earning it as a reward via various offers active on the platform. To know more about the utility and tokenomics of the DETO token, read the whitepaper here.

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Trade Farming with Delta Exchange

Trade Farming with Delta Exchange brings Newton’s Third Law of Motion into action, literally. The more active you become as a trader on the platform, the more eligible you get for earning these rewards.

There’s no particular task that needs to be done to make you eligible for the trade farming program. All you need is to sign up on the platform, deposit your initial capital and begin trading. Every trader trading for any contracts on the exchange becomes automatically eligible for the program. The program started on 6th December and will continue all through 2022 and maybe, beyond. The rewards will be calculated and distributed on a daily basis up to a maximum of 100K DETO. Here’s how the mathematics of reward calculation takes place:

Your reward will be equivalent to the trading fees paid by you multiplied by the daily reward pool (i.e., daily 100k DETO) divided by the total fees paid by all the traders on the platform.

Here’s all you need to know more about the trade farming program and its terms and conditions:

  • Time Schedule: The day cycle to be used for reward circulation will be 12 PM on Day n to 12 PM on Day n+1 on a daily basis. The rewards for the same will be distributed at 8 AM the next day.
  • Size of the Reward Pool: The total reward pool will be worth $50 million while the daily rewards will be 100K  DETO. Unallocated rewards of the day will go back to the reward pool. Reward per trader will be capped at 20% of the total reward pool of the day. A trader can earn rewards daily during the entire duration of the program.
  • Vesting Period: The rewards will be released daily but require a vesting period of 180 days.
  • Eligibility: Traders can earn rewards by trading across all trading products and contracts. All API and Bots will be eligible to receive rewards as per the reward calculation. Both verified, and unverified traders will get DETO rewards. However, a trader would need to verify themselves to claim the rewards. Traders enrolled as Super VIP or RMM are not eligible for trade farming rewards.
  • Trading Fees Eligibility: Only trading fees paid on the platform would be factored in the reward calculator formula. All other fees, including liquidation fees or trading fee credits, won’t be considered for reward calculation.
  • Other Details: The profits earned by the traders would have nothing to do with the reward program. A trader can opt out of the program by sending an email to Delta Exchange at Logged-in users would be able to see the rewards earned on the All Markets Page, while the fees paid by them would be visible on the Transaction Log page.

That’s all you need to know about the massive trade farming program on one of the fastest-growing crypto derivatives exchanges – Delta Exchange. It’s time to farm rewards. It’s time to trade with Delta Exchange.

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