TradeFlow (TFLOW) Review: First DeFi platform that offers automated trading services

The TFLOW algorithm offers high accuracy and limited risk, especially during adverse situations like Bearish trends.
The TFLOW algorithm offers high accuracy and limited risk, especially during adverse situations like Bearish trends.

In a world where people know the potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency but do not have enough time for regular follow-up, TradeFlow or TFLOW comes as a savior. It is a platform that solves the problem of time management and offers efficient trading by combining highly profitable automated trading with investing in the Real Economy. The mechanism used by the project creates investment vehicles that make crypto investment simpler for common users.

What is TFLOW?

TFLOW is the first Hybrid DeFi platform to provide automated trading services in 15 tokens, notably, BTC, ETH, BNB, FTM, LUNA, NEAR, MATIC, AVAX, AXS, VET, ENJ, SAND, EGLD, SOL, and THETA, paired with USDT and BUSD. 

TFLOW Automated trading services
TFLOW Automated trading services

The TFLOW algorithm offers high accuracy and limited risk, especially during adverse situations like Bearish trends. The mechanism can easily be tuned for any trading strategy and market condition.

It is not a hidden fact that the crypto world is highly profitable if one identifies the potential of blockchain technology and follows legitimate projects. However, it is not possible for many investors to put all their time into trading. TradeFlow solves this problem by developing a Copy Trading platform to make crypto trading easy and profitable for regular investors who want to invest in crypto but do not have enough time to regularly follow their investments.

TFLOW offers multiple Trading Bots that pose different trading strategies and store live track records on the blockchain. This allows users on the Platform to select preferred Bots with a solid track record for funds allocation and to copy the strategies that perfectly suit their investing criteria.

In addition, the TFLOW platform will allow users to invest in the real economy. This will be accomplished through the tokenization of many assets and company services, which will provide investors with annual returns ranging from 5% to 22%. Every project will have its own distinct Investment Pool. Real estate (commercial and residential), shipping, yachting, technology, energy, environmental projects, debt financing, and exports trade finance are some of the investment pool categories.


Major renowned insurance companies will insure the invested funds. This will be groundbreaking since it will allow holders to diversify their crypto assets without leaving the crypto ecosystem.

TradeFlow has so far received support from over 400 investors in 27 countries and raised $800,000 to fuel its operations.

TFLOW pre-sale is now open on Pinksale and through the TradeFlow Platform. After concluding the IDO on Pinksale, TFLOW will list in PancakeSwap, among other DEXs. 

TFLOW Pre-sale
TFLOW Pre-sale

What makes TFLOW unique?

TFLOW is the first one-of-a-kind DeFi protocol aiming to offer such a comprehensive range of investing services in such an easy-to-use interface. The opted algorithm aims to be the ideal auto trader by removing human sentiments from the equation and making precise decisions based on market conditions.

All TFLOW holders now have access to the TradeFlow Indicator on TradingView, allowing them to test the technique on their own. The DeFi Protocol can automatically allocate User Funds to the best-performing Bots.

The TradeFlow Team has made the strategic decision to develop Investment Pools backed by Real Assets using STO Technology. This will provide security and tolerance during the volatile phases of the financial markets.

In addition, the TradeFlow team is also planning to build an NFT Vault where users would be able to purchase shares of each NFT in the Collection and profit when the Platform resells those NFTs in the future. The token Holders’ combined purchasing power will boost the User Ecosystem, making it totally unique.

TradeFlow Team

TradeFlow team members have a plethora of business experience, which is crucial for High Return Investment Pools development.

TradeFlow also has plans to populate the team with professionals to financial services like Metaverse and gaming, staking pools, index investing, lending, crypto deposits with yields, shipping investment funds, NFT funds, real estate funds, and energy investment funds, to copy-trade using the Platform. The expertise will include:

TFLOW team expansion
TFLOW team expansion


TFLOW, the native utility token by TradeFlow, is a Binance Smart Chain Token. Users must hold 10% of their funds into the TFLOW Coins to participate in the automated crypto trading services offered on the Platform.

The users can sell their TFLOW tokens to others through an internal exchange along with DEXs and third-party exchanges. Moreover, the Platform will also offer trading fee discounts based on the number of TFLOW Coins that they hold.

TFLOW, the cryptographic token that powers the TradeFlow network, will be minted as a BEP-20 token for maximum fungibility and wallet support.

TradeFlow token holders enjoy multiple functionalities that include:

  • For prepayment to join copy trading service by TFLOW as 20% of the invested capital must always remain staked.
  • As a means of participating in all the platform services.
  • As a means of payment of the Copy Trading profits commission.
  • As a means of profit distribution from the Staking Pools.
  • As a token to convert into other cryptocurrencies on the Platform.


The more money that flows into the Platform, the lesser TFLOW Coins supply, resulting in higher prices. Additionally, the team has locked 80% of TFLOW Tokens till 2023.

Based on the following capital raise structure, TFLOW will create 250,000,000 (250 million) total TFLOW:

TFLOW capital raise structure
TFLOW capital raise structure

TFLOW Token Distribution

TFLOW Token Distribution
TFLOW Token Distribution

TradeFlow Wallet 

All TradeFlow network participants will use the TradeFlow crypto wallet, which will allow users to subscribe to all of the Platform’s services. The wallet supports two native cryptocurrencies: TFLOW and USDT (Tether). In order to use the Copy Trading service, users must have at least 20% of their funds in TFLOW.

TRADE FLOW Wallet functions
TRADE FLOW Wallet functions


Participants that lock their TFLOW tokens will be rewarded with staking, which will provide much-needed liquidity to the DEX pool. The users, in return, are awarded TFLOW from the staking reserve.


TFLOW Roadmap can be seen in the diagram below:

TFLOW Roadmap
TFLOW Roadmap


TFLOW aspires to transform the DeFi Market and become a long-term wealth generator. TradeFlow Bots help users to take profit and to grab the opportunity to invest their income in Real Economy Investments with consistent annual returns without quitting the crypto ecosystem, eliminating the fear of whipping out their funds in the next Bear Market.

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