TradeFlow: The Wealth Manager Review

The bots by TradeFlow mainly cover three algorithms powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.
The bots by TradeFlow mainly cover three algorithms powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

With the increasing demand for the emerging cryptocurrency sector, the demand for automated trading tools is also touching the skies. The lack of time among investors to regularly follow up on their portfolios leads to an urgent demand for an exchange with automated trading services. 

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TradeFlow is a platform that combines highly profitable automated trading technologies with real-economy investing in providing efficient trading and addressing the issue of time management. The project’s approach generates investment vehicles that simplify crypto investment for regular consumers.

What is TradeFlow?

TradeFlow is the first hybrid decentralized Platform that provides automated trading services using the Copy Trading technique, with the goal to make crypto trading lease complex and more profitable for regular investors who want to participate in crypto trading but lack time for constant follow-up.

TFLOW Algo banner

It is working on offering multiple trading bots that represent different trading methods by keeping a live track record on the blockchain. This allows TradeFlow users to copy these bots that are proven to have amazing and real-world investing strategies.

The Platform aims to design tools that are simple for regular crypto users to make wise and profitable investment choices by removing human sentiments from the whole picture and making precise decisions. By signing up for its copy trading service, the investors make simple buy and sell decisions based on those trading bots that follow the market trends and are proven for their effective performance delivery.

As the Platform develops, TradeFlow developers aim to expand the scope of its financial services like index investing lending, crypto deposits with yields, real estate funds, shipping investment funds, NFT funds, and energy investment funds.

TradeFlow Features

TradeFlow is powered by its native utility token, TradeFlow Coin (TFLOW), which acts as an entry point to TradeFlow. This system eventually benefits the users as the company offers a 20% annual return on investment for all money invested on the platform and charges a 20% success fee for all profits generated.

The token sale is targeted at raising 4 Million euros. According to the Platform, half of the proceeds will be used as investment capital for trading, and the left half will be used to expand its services and increase the effectiveness of the Platform, exchange, wallet, algorithm, Copy Trading service, and execute its marketing campaign.

For now, the project developers have created the Beta version of the retail algorithm that is getting popular among crypto investors.

TFLOW BETA Retail Algorithm

The TFLOW BETA Retail Algorithm for TradingView has already been released. While a number of crypto investors try to figure out the best position for their trades, it is not easy to cope up with the volatility of the algorithm without compromising on the profits.

Hence, TFLOW has come up with the new retail algorithm which is already available in the BETA version. The developers of this algorithm have experience and technology library which enabled them to create an algorithm that is designed to work in the Trading View Platform.

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The BETA version is not the live product and is only there for testing purposes. However, it is still a powerful tool for those who would live to use it. Here is a TFLOW Algo Beta Retail Tutorial:

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Currently, there are different parameters that the script uses to figure out if a given price action is in uptrend or downtrend. Interestingly, these three parameters are also very useful in the world of technical analysis.

The three parameters are:

  • Long: Lower prices for maximizing sensitivity while higher prices for defense strategies
  • Short: Lower prices for maximizing sensitivity while higher prices for defense strategies
  • Take profit: Lower the price for less signals. Ideal TP signal can come after the first TP signal

What is special about TradeFlow?

Here are some of the unique features TradeFlow offers that make it suitable for investors with various expertise levels in crypto trading, blockchain, and so on:

  • A diversified range of investment vehicles, ranging from stocks and indexes to NFTs and Metaverse initiatives;
  • 100% automatic wealth-generating system: traders’ errors won’t derail the strategy;
  • High APY rates of up to 22%, which are significantly more lucrative than with traditional centralized platforms;
  • Tokenomic design boasts TradeFlow’s built-in “rug pull” defense system;
  • Investment Pools backed by real assets using STO Technology provide security and tolerance during volatile situations in markets.
  • TFLOW: An endpoint to its income strategies.

What Services TradeFlow currently offers?


TradeFlow’s bots mainly cover three algorithms powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. The Platform uses big crypto data analytics to ensure accuracy while trading bot development:

Spot Market Trading Bot

Spot trading bot
Spot trading bot

Grid Bot Trading Bot

Grid trading bot
Grid trading bot

Futures Trading Bot

Futures trading bot
Futures trading bot


TradeFlow team has a vast experience in Global Business Services, which it uses to bring unique Real Market Services to the blockchain industry. It selects specific corporations that offer state-of-the-art services and then allows the users to participate in the profitability, ranging between 5% and 22% annual returns, via security token offerings. It mainly focuses on the following areas:

TradeFlow Pools
TradeFlow Pools

TFLOW Indicators

TradeFlow has designed multiple unique indicators that provide detailed market analytics to TFLOW holders. Some of the indicators that are included in the Platform’s market monitor dashboard include: Market Status, Buying power, Options factor, Crypto exchange liquidity, Options sentiment, Rising stars, and Market status.

TFLOW Staking

TradeFlow users can earn passive income by grabbing TFLOW tokens and participating in its Staking pools or becoming a Liquidity Provider in Pancake Finance. The Platform offers a 20% Annual Return in TFLOW tokens for the holders that stake their TFLOW tokens.

TradeFlow Services
TradeFlow Services


By combining the collective purchasing power of its community, TradeFlow buys selected NFTs. The holders of TFLOW will be able to trade their TFLOW for the NFT Share Tokens that will be created for each NFT after their addition to NFT Vault. The holders of NFT Share Tokens holders will have voting rights and select whether a particular NFT will be kept in the Vault or sold, as well as the sale price. Following the voting, the Platform will sell the NFT and give the proceeds to NFT share token holders.

Tradeflow NFT
Tradeflow NFT

TFLOW Metaverse Fund

TradeFlow purchases property on the metaverse by combining the collective purchasing power of its community. Just like in the case of NFTs, the team adds these Assets to the Metaverse Vault, and the TFLOW Holders can exchange their TFLOW tokens for the Metaverse Share Tokens generated for each specific property.

Tradeflow Metaverse
Tradeflow Metaverse


The platform offers two primary categories of B2B Services:

Tradeflow B2B
Tradeflow B2B

TradeFlow Coin (TFLOW)

TradeFlow Coin (TFLOW), the native utility token that powers the TradeFlow Platform, is built on the Binance Smart Chain. For entering and participating in the Copy trading service offered on the TradeFlow Platform, the users need to hold a minimum of 10% of their investment value in TFLOW. 

TFLOW holders can trade their tokens on an internal exchange along with DEXs and third-party exchanges. Moreover, the Platform will also offer discounts on trading fees depending on the number of TFLOW the user holds. 

TFLOW will be the first crypto token to be linked to value creation and the ability to access value creation in both the traditional economy and the crypto economy. Moreover, TFLOW will be minted as a BEP-20 token for maximum fungibility and wallet support.

Here are some of the functionalities that TFLOW offers:

  1. To participate in all the platform services.
  2. To pay the Copy Trading profits commission.
  3. For profit distribution from the Staking Pools.
  4. To convert into other crypto tokens.
  5. For prepayment to join copy trading service by TFLOW.


FLOW coins have the feature of scarcity as the supply decreases, which increases inflow into the Platform, resulting in higher prices. Moreover, the TradeFlow team has locked 80% of TFLOW Tokens till 2023.

TradeFlow will create 250 million tokens based on the following capital raise structure:

Tradeflow capital raise structure
Tradeflow capital raise structure

TFLOW Token Distribution

Tradeflow token distribution
Tradeflow token distribution


Tradeflow Roadmap
Tradeflow Roadmap


The cutting-edge ecosystem of liquidity pools by TradeFlow leverages a patented Trading algorithm that aims to revolutionize the DeFi industry and develop into a long-term automated wealth generator.

TradeFlow Bots assist users in taking profits and grabbing the chance to invest their income in Real Economy Investments with reliable annual returns without worrying about losing all of their money in the next Bear Market due to lack of experience and time.

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