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TradingView Review Summary

TradingView is cloud-based charting and social-networking software suitable for all levels of active traders. It’s a great tool for anyone who is a visual thinker or who appreciates research before diving into an investment. The biggest downside is that the app currently doesn’t support many stock brokerages.

TradingView Best For

  • Active Traders
  • Chart Lovers
  • Visual Thinkers
  • Social Media Butterflies
  • Developers, Blog, Website Owners, Free Widgets

Are you a new stock investor who’s a visual thinker and wants to pore over charts before jumping in? Or maybe you’re an experienced trader who’s sick of paying sky-high prices for expensive stock-scanning software? No matter your level, TradingView wants to help with low-cost analysis and charts.

TradingView is cloud-based charting and social-networking software for both beginner and advanced active investment traders. Basic charting, research and analysis information is available with a free account, but most trades must be done outside the platform because only select brokerages are linked to TradingView at this time.

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TradingView is available on any desktop and on all iOS devices through the App Store.

We took a close look at TradingView to see how it works. Here’s what we found.

TradingView Features Review

Price $0-59.95/month
Charting Yes
Research and Analysis Yes
Notifications and Alerts Yes
Access Web, iOS, Android
Customer Service Live Chat: 24/7
Promotions None
  • HTML5 Charts — Depending on your needs, you can create simple charts to track one or two stocks or create multiple dynamic charts that track different markets. You can even draw on your charts.
  • Server-Side Alerts — Set up alerts that go to your desktop or phone to notify you when certain conditions go outside your specified criteria. There are 12 different alert conditions that can be applied to indicators or drawing tools.
  • Stock Screener — Find stocks based on your specific criteria.
  • Customized Analysis — For advanced users, TradingView offers a programming language called Pine script that allows you to create your own charts and indicators from scratch.
  • Trading — You can practice trading stocks, cryptocurrencies or forex or create portfolios without using real money, with paper trading, so you can hone your skills. Then you can find out if your brokerage is partnered with TradingView.
  • Broad Coverage — Depending on your plan, you can have access to more than 50 worldwide exchanges and extended trading hours.
  • A Social Community of Active Traders — See what other active traders are doing, gather ideas and collaborate with others in similar markets.
  • Extensive Knowledge Base — TradingView also has interactive drop-down and hover-over information pods throughout the website, in case you come across an item or concept that’s new. There’s also a wiki page that you can read to learn more about how the tools work.

What Is TradingView?

TradingView is an online stock-picking software and screener for both beginners and experienced active traders. It incorporates extensive cloud-based charting tools for research and gives users the ability to share and collaborate with other active traders online. The downside is that most large brokerages are not yet directly integrated with TradingView, so you’ll have to place trades separately with your brokerage of choice.

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TradingView was released in June 2012 as a social platform for active traders and features its own scripting language that allows users to customize charts and indicators. It continues to be a popular choice among active traders and financial software companies because of its versatility.

Users can learn new concepts, research market fluctuations, chart possible outcomes, collaborate with other traders, chat, ask questions and practice trades with the TradingView platform on any device.
TradingView Review

How Does TradingView Work?

TradingView offers a wealth of market information right on the homepage before you even sign up for a free account. At the top is a ticker for the EUR/USD, BTC/USD and ETH/USD currency pairs, as well as the Dow, Nasdaq and S&P 500 markets.

You can search for any stock and filter by Ticker, Trading Ideas, Educational Ideas, Scripts or People.

Below that, you’ll find the newest stories by top authors, up-to-date market summaries, the latest stock news, an economic calendar, and trending chats on the TradingView social media section. Read what other users (including high-profile traders) have to say, and share your own trading ideas. The social media aspect of TradingView adds huge educational value.

When you sign up for a free account, you’ll have access to the TradingView community and basic charting features where you can create stock alerts and market indicators.

Now, perhaps the biggest downside to TradingView is that it’s likely you won’t be able to trade from within the platform. Currently, the app can connect only with these stockbrokers:

  • Merrill (through the CQG API)
  • Modalmais
  • Alor

In addition, the platform supports some futures and forex brokers. You can find the complete list here.


TradingView has four account plans: one free and three paid. Billing options are offered as monthly, yearly and every two years. Each paid plan comes with a 30-day free trial. We find that TradingView’s charges are considerably less than some of its competitors’.

Basic — Free

If you’re a beginner or if you just want to see how TradingView works, the basic account can get you started. Features are limited. You get one chart per layout and one alert with three indicators to use on one device. But you still have access to the social community, global data and economic earnings calendar. You just don’t have access to any customer support.

Pro — $9.95–14.95/month

The pro account gives you a little more to manage your stock research, but you still get only one chart per layout and can use only one device at the same time.

The pro pricing gives you 10 alerts and five indicators per chart but not regular access to customer service or SMS notifications. You do, however, get an ad-free experience and access to the social media community.

If you choose to buy a month-to-month membership, you’ll pay $14.95 per month. If you want a one-year subscription, the cost is $155.40 (this works out to $12.95 per month). For a two-year subscription, you’ll pay $238.80 every 24 months ($9.95 per month).

Pro+ — $19.95–29.95/month: $24.95/mo for one-year plan; $19.95/mo for two-year plan
Pro+ bumps up the pricing and adds faster customer service and more alerts and allows you to use up to four chart layouts, connect on two devices at the same time and save up to 10 chart layouts. However, you still don’t get SMS notifications with this pricing plan.

With this plan, you do get access to Intraday Renko, Kagi, Line Break, Point and Figure charts, Intraday spread charts, extended trading hours and the ability to create custom chats.

As with the Pro plan, you can decide whether to subscribe monthly, annually or biennially. If you want to pay on a month-to-month basis, the charge will be $29.95 per month. A one-year subscription will be billed annually at $299.40 ($24.95 per month), and a two-year subscription costs $478.80 ($19.95 per month).

Premium — $39.95–59.95/month: $49.95/mo for one-year plan; $39.95/mo for two-year plan

The premium plan gives you access to all TradingView features. You can get eight charts per layout, use up to five devices at one time, set up to 200 alerts and 25 indicators per chart and have unlimited access to indicator templates, enhanced watch lists and saved chart layouts. And you get priority customer support.

The price tag here is $59.95 per month on a month-to-month basis, $599.40 ($49.95 per month) for a 12-month subscription and $958.80 ($39.95 per month) for two years.

TradingView Review Summary

Whether you’re into active trading or just curious about what the market is doing from time to time, TradingView is an excellent tool to use for researching, charting and screening your favorite stocks. You get a ton of research tools for free right on the home page, and with a basic account, the avid beginner can practice charting and mock trading for free before placing trades at their favorite brokerage.

With all the free tools available on TradingView, I think this software is worth the try.


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