Turkish President Wants to Attend a Metaverse Hosted Forum


Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has reportedly instructed the officials of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) to organize a forum to discuss new developments in specialized aspects of technology that will be hosted on the metaverse. According to the local news channel, the DailySabah, the proposed meeting is billed to also be attended by President Erdoğan himself.

The metaverse has become a major sensation in the tech world in the past year and despite its close links with the blockchain ecosystem, the global research and development terrain has taken interest in the phenomenon. Essentially, the metaverse is a special virtual space where humans can interact with one another with their digital avatars.

While the entire concept is still new to many people, several science fiction movies have been released to showcase what the metaverse might offer. The metaverse concept arguably became a major trend for corporate organizations when Meta Platforms Inc changed to its current name from Facebook Inc, with the primary goal of advancing social interactions based on the capabilities of the metaverse.

The interest of President Erdoğan is not unfounded with the growing interest brewing in the metaverse. According to the reports, the president’s instruction was passed down with a mandate to focus on the future implications of the new technology. Additionally, the forum will witness other key aspects of the crypto revolution being discussed, as well as how purchases are made on social media.

Metaverse Interest Can Herald Turkey’s Presence in Future Innovation

While the digital currency ecosystem in Turkey is growing at a fast pace, regulatory pressures are generally still a threat to this thriving ecosystem. While the option of a blanket ban is not being considered by President Erdoğan who notably wants to regulate the digital currency space, the peaking interest in the metaverse may revamp Turkey’s presence in future innovation.

Turkey is not one of the first names you hear when talking about mainstream innovations, and the same applies to the blockchain and metaverse world. However, local reports have it that President Erdoğan has been driving stakeholders to discuss futuristic innovations. 

One of the country’s notable attempts is the hosting of the Stratcom 2021 conference, a two-day summit that brought together 112 speakers from over 30 countries and a distinguished audience of over 3,000. Discussions on the metaverse were notably one of the focus areas of the conference and coupled with the current metaverse push, despite the fines on crypto players like Binance in the country, the Turkish president may just be building the country to be a subtle hub for all things digital currencies.

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