Twitch reveals that major data breach didn’t expose passwords

Twitch has now shared an update regarding its security incident that happened last week
Twitch has now shared an update regarding its security incident that happened last week

Twitch may have just shared an update on the massive breach that happened last week. Taking to its webpage to share an update about the security incident, it said passwords remain secure and weren’t exposed.

Twitch says passwords weren’t exposed in last week’s major data breach

Explaining further about the incident, Twitch expresses full confidence about its systems bcrypt hashing. The firm confirms that systems storing Twitch login credentials were not accessed. Not only that, users can rest assured that their credit card details and bank information remain secured.

Recall that last week, there was news making rounds about a seemingly leaked source code for the firm. The company has now confirmed the same in its Friday update however. Spilling more details about the security incident, Twitch says that the exposed data mainly contained documents from the company’s source code repository. In addition to that, the breach also included a subset of creator payout data.

Meanwhile, the company is claiming that the information exposed is very minimal. Confirming that only a small portion of users were affected, the company insists that customer impact is not very major. However, Twitch says it is following up directly with all users who were affected in one way or the other.

Now, there are unconfirmed reports that Twitch’s negligence and security habits may have been responsible for the hack. According to reports, the company failed to report a security problem that happened in 2017. Vice also reported on Thursday, about another huge hack that happened back in 2014.

In Friday’s update however, Twitch confirms that it has now taken steps to further secure its service.