Twitter has been Rebranded to X: Details


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Elon Musk, the cofounder of six companies, stated that the social networking platform Twitter, now X Corp will be rebranded to “X” as soon as tomorrow, as a first step towards its upcoming evolution into the “everything app.” 

Twitter Changes to ‘X’

According to the billionaire’s latest tweets, crypto users are about to witness a radically different version of Twitter, without its famous blue bird logo and replaced by an ‘X.’ In accordance with Musk’s multiple tweets and a poll, the redesign might include a change in the platform’s color schemes to black, removing its blue bird logo, and renaming it to X.

Modifications not Welcome

However, many Twitter users do not welcome the modifications. Based on a March Hypebeast analysis, Twitter has served as an important platform for the world of digital currencies, with over 1 billion tweets discussing crypto during the last three years.

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Trust Machines marketing chief Dan Held called the platform “iconic,” adding that Musk’s decision to change its logo to X was “insane.” Tiffany Fong, a cryptocurrency blogger, stated that she is “still calling it twitter,” which podcast presenter Peter McCormack concurred.

Twitter CEO Provides Input

In the midst of all the criticism, Twitter’s newly appointed CEO Linda Yaccarino provided details regarding X in a tweet on 23 July. She stated that it would offer “unlimited interactivity,” support many media formats, and feature payments and banking. Yaccarino said that the app’s new edition will be as well supported with artificial intelligence. Back in May, Musk tweeted,  emphasizing that his position will be changed to Executive Chair and CTO, with responsibilities for product, software, and sysops. 

A $44B Purchase

Twitter Blue was undoubtedly the most significant alteration since its purchase for $44 million. Musk previously founded X Corp. as the platform’s parent corporation back in March, partially to realize his ambition for the WeChat-like service. As reported by TheCoinRise, Twitter Inc. has notified the courts that the new corporate name, X Corp, would be governed in Nevada rather than the firm’s former Delaware domicile.

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