How to Reach a 5-10 Million Crypto Audience with TheCoinrise’s Twitter Marketing Services


In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, staying ahead of the curve is essential. With over 330 million active users, Twitter is a goldmine for businesses seeking to engage with a crypto-savvy audience. TheCoinrise, a leading crypto and blockchain PR agency, offers a compelling set of Twitter marketing services that can help you reach between 5 to 10 million crypto enthusiasts. Let’s explore how you can leverage these services to achieve an unprecedented outreach.

The Power of Twitter in Crypto Marketing

Twitter has been an integral platform for the crypto community. From news on the latest ICOs to discussions on market trends, Twitter is the epicenter of all things crypto. It’s vital for crypto businesses to establish a presence on Twitter to connect with potential investors, traders, and enthusiasts.

Understanding TheCoinrise’s Offerings

TheCoinrise stands out with its impressive roster of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Twitter marketing packages. The service prides itself on having established relationships with influencers and communities that can amplify your brand’s message. Here are the options available:


Partnering with top-tier Key Opinion Leaders is a guaranteed way to gain visibility. TheCoinrise’s TIER1 KOLs boasts names such as Crypto Messiah, Travladd Crypto, and Carl From The Moon, with followers ranging from hundreds to over a thousand.

For example, Travladd Crypto (@OfficialTravlad) has 400k subscribers and offers advertising for $6,000 for three tweets or $3,000 for a single tweet.

2. Twitter Push Packages

TheCoinrise’s Twitter Push Packages are bundled offers that employ multiple channels for a comprehensive reach.

  • Twitter Push 1: At $3,200, this package includes influencers like SatoshiOwl, who has 109.1k followers, offering three tweets for $900 and a single tweet for $500.
  • Twitter Push 2: For $6,165, you can reach audiences via channels like Next100XGEMS, which has 240.4k followers and offers three tweets for $1,800 or a single tweet for $900.
  • Twitter Push 3: With a price tag of $12,250, this package targets over 3 million users through channels like JapaneseCrypto, which boasts 80,000 followers and costs $3,000 for three tweets or $1,500 for a single tweet.

3. AMA Push

AMA (Ask Me Anything) is a popular format where the community can engage with the brand or individual. TheCoinrise offers an AMA Push package for $26,100, reaching out to 145,000+ members through communities like Deadpool Calls and ICO Speaks.

Maximizing Your Outreach

By combining TIER1 KOLs with Twitter Push Packages and the AMA Push, you can diversify your marketing efforts and reach an audience between 5-10 million.

Contacting TheCoinrise

To start your campaign, visit TheCoinrise’s official website. Alternatively, you can reach out to them via email at or join their Telegram channel for updates and discussions.


With the right approach and by leveraging TheCoinrise’s Twitter marketing services, your crypto business can efficiently engage with a broad audience and achieve remarkable results. Establish your brand as a major player in the crypto space and connect with like-minded individuals eager to learn about your offerings. Time is of the essence, so start your Twitter marketing journey with TheCoinrise today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why is Twitter crucial for crypto marketing?

A: Twitter is a hub for real-time information and discussions. The crypto community thrives on Twitter as it allows for immediate sharing of insights, news, and trends. Building a presence on Twitter can help crypto businesses engage with an active and informed audience.

Q: What should be the key focus while marketing on Twitter?

A: Focus on delivering value to your audience through informative content, engaging discussions, and timely updates. Partnering with Key Opinion Leaders and influencers, as offered by TheCoinrise, can help in amplifying your reach.

Q: How can I measure the success of my Twitter marketing campaign?

A: Use analytics to track engagement rates, the growth of followers, and conversions. Monitor the traffic to your website or platform from Twitter and analyze the ROI (Return on Investment) of your marketing efforts.

Q: How does TheCoinrise ensure the quality of its Twitter marketing services?

A: TheCoinrise has a vetted network of KOLs and Twitter channels with a proven track record. They employ strategic targeting to ensure that your campaign reaches the right audience. Moreover, they provide analytics and reports to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

Q: Can TheCoinrise customize a Twitter marketing package according to my needs?

A: Yes, TheCoinrise offers customizable packages to meet the specific marketing objectives of different businesses. You can contact them to discuss your goals and tailor a marketing package that aligns with your brand.

Final Thoughts

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, standing out from the crowd is pivotal. TheCoinrise’s Twitter marketing services offer a golden opportunity for crypto businesses to scale their reach exponentially. With a strategic combination of Key Opinion Leaders, Twitter Push Packages, and AMA Push, reaching an audience of 5-10 million is not just achievable but can be highly rewarding. Don’t let this opportunity slip away. Connect with TheCoinrise and embark on a marketing journey that could redefine your crypto brand.

[Please note that this article contains marketing services offered by TheCoinrise as per the information available until the date of publication and may be subject to change. It is advised to verify the information and services with TheCoinrise directly.]

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