Twitter Roll Out $8 Subscription for Twitter Blue Plan Verification


Since the final acquisition of Twitter by Tesla Chief Elon Musk, a handful of adjustments have been made including the retrenchment of Twitter C-suite executives. 

The latest is the price tag added for members who wish to have the Twitter blue badge tick which signifies verification of the user’s account. Elon Musk has declared that any user that wishes to enjoy such a privilege, will be expected to pay a subscription fee of $8 per month.

Previously, owning such a blue badge with a white tick close to the user’s name was attained by presenting a government-issued identity card and any evidence which shows that you are a prominently recognized individual or brand. Users were also required to own an active account.

Holders of the Twitter Blue Plan automatically have access to premium content including users’ exposure in responses, mentions, and searches.

In addition to this premium access, it is believed that the Blur Plan will reduce users’ susceptibility to scams, spams, and bots. The current $8 price tag is only acceptable for those who intend to sign up now as there exists a possibility of hiking the price.

Twitter Blue Plan Price Tag May Expose Platform to Impersonators

Also, users with the Twitter Blue Plan will get only a limited number of unsolicited ads which the development team will ensure are relevant to the user.

Holders will be permitted to post videos with longer durations on their Twitter page. For a start, this service will only be available to iOS device users in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Currently, the service is not live but some users have been receiving notifications as part of the testing process of the Twitter Blue Plan, according to Esther Crawford, a product lead at Twitter. However, many have reported that the launch was premature. With all of the former modes of verification removed and only proof of payment required, many fear that this will expose the platform to impersonators.

Taking account of all the changes happening on Twitter and the other proposed adjustments, Vitalik Buterin, Co-founder of Ethereum believes that Musk will either make Twitter “really great” or “really terrible.”

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