Uniswap Founder’s Twitter Account Breached in Scam Attack


The Twitter account of Hayden Adams, the creator of the renowned DeFi crypto exchange Uniswap, was compromised on Thursday afternoon. Upon discovering the breach, the Uniswap Foundation, the organization responsible for the development and advancement of the Uniswap protocol, promptly responded with a tweet warning followers about the hack

The Foundation urged users not to click on the suspicious links shared by the hackers, as doing so could lead to potential security risks and financial losses.

The Breach and Scam Attempt

Following the hack of Hayden Adams’ Twitter account, the perpetrators wasted no time in attempting to exploit the trust and credibility associated with the Uniswap founder.

In the suspect tweet, users of UniswapX were urged to verify their eligibility for free $UNI tokens. This offer seemed alluring to many, as $UNI is the native cryptocurrency of the Uniswap platform and holds significant value in the DeFi ecosystem.

The URL in the tweet took users to a website located in Russia. A Twitter user noted that this website was registered on the same day as the attack, implying a well-planned and coordinated effort to carry out the scam. However, the tweet has since been deleted, likely due to the swift response from the Uniswap Foundation and the community reporting the scam.

Persistent Scam Links

Despite the removal of the initial scam message, the hackers continued their malicious activity. Subsequent tweets sent from the hacked account still contained links that appeared to be part of a larger scam attempt. 

These links provide a considerable risk to users who may be duped into clicking on them, potentially resulting in security breaches, asset theft, or the spread of the scam.

The Risks of Crypto Scams

Crypto scams have become an unfortunate reality within the crypto space. Scammers often target unsuspecting users by promising free tokens or extraordinary returns on investments, preying on the desire for quick profits. 

In this instance, the hackers exploited the trustworthiness of Hayden Adams’ Twitter account to lend credibility to their fraudulent scheme. Similarly, hackers also exploited John Deaton’s influential Twitter account to announce the launch of a new digital token called “LAW” last month.

Such frauds can have terrible implications for those who fall victim to them. Users may wind up revealing critical information, such as private keys or passwords, resulting in asset theft.

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