Universal Studio to Release Web3 Game on Aptos


On Friday, a Layer 1 blockchain platform called Aptos has reportedly revealed an upcoming Web3 game in partnership with Universal Pictures based on the Nicholas Cage and Nicholas Hoult-starring horror-comedy “Renfield,” which will be in theaters from April 14.

The collaboration with NBCUniversal, the parent company of Universal Pictures, will introduce “an interactive web-based game” and a contest that will let participants win both digital and tangible items or prizes using the Aptos blockchain.

Vice president of technology partnerships for Universal Pictures, Greg Reed stated: “We know audiences just want to be connected … and no barriers to connecting with their fandom,” while adding: 

“Our job is to leverage high-performing, scalable networks, like Aptos, that deliver the most unique, engaging, and safe experiences for fans.”

Sam Schoonover, the founder of Forward, the firm that came up with the “Renfield” game, stated that “without new blockchain technology like Aptos coming into the market to build on the current infrastructure, we wouldn’t be able to push forward with experiences like this that involve fans directly.”

According to Universal and its partners, this “Renfield” game is created with Aptos and is expected to be “powered” by Move, a computer language that makes use of a “more carbon-efficient proof-of-stake consensus.” 

Universal Pictures’ Investment in Blockchain

The use of blockchain-based solutions to encourage fan involvement has been tested before by Universal. In October of last year, Gala announced a partnership with Universal Games and Digital Platforms to release Trolls VOX from DreamWorks Animation.

From real estate and finance to gaming and the arts, many industries have embraced Web3 and are currently hiring staff to aid in its expansion. 

Due to growing interest, a tournament called 0xmonaco, also known as the Battle of Titans, was held back in January, and the developer team of the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Uniswap won. Uniswap, Ledger, Polygon, NEAR, Yield Guild Games, Chainlink, OKX, and Bybit participated in the competition to see which organization has the best technical personnel.

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