US Judge Rules that Razzlekhan Bitcoin Case Will Include Classified Information

Chief Judge Beryl Howell, a district court judge in Columbia has given a new order that the ‘Razzlekhan’ Bitcoin (BTC) laundering case will involve classified information as the story takes another dimension. 

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According to a report from the Block, the new filing stated that information about the case will therefore require protection against unauthorized disclosure in the interest of security and national defense of the United States because it was signed by a district judge that the ‘Razzlekhan’ bitcoin laundering case now involves classified information.

Daniella Medel was listed as the case’s classified information security officer in the order, along with a number of substitute officers who can make security preparations.

Heather Rhiannon Morgan, 31 also known as Razzlekhan and her 34-year-old husband, Ilya Lichtenstein were arrested in February over an alleged money laundering of $4.5 billion stolen in a major Bitcoin hack of crypto exchange Bitfinex in 2016.

The couple was solely accused by the Department of Justice for laundering the money and engaging in over 2,000 illegal activities and not for engaging in the hack themselves. The federal executive agency revealed that the value of the stolen bitcoin was only worth $72 million at the time.

The Fight Against Money Laundering in the Digital Ecosystem

The fight against money laundering activities in the digital space has become relevant as there is a need to ensure that users’ funds are safe and also provide the sustainability of the blockchain ecosystem.

In China, a law enforcement agency referred to as Hundred-day Action detained 93 individuals that reportedly used cryptocurrency to launder up to RMB 40 billion ($5.6 billion). Authorities assert that the corrupt group purchased cryptocurrencies using criminal funds and afterward sold them for U.S. dollars to launder its profits. The suspects were however detained and their assets seized.

While in Australia, an Australian Police Force (APF) has been launched to fight crypto crimes. The unit’s primary objectives are to combat money laundering and fund outsourcing. Over $600 million in earnings from cybercrime, including those involving digital assets, have been tracked and seized by APF so far.

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