Vitalik Buterin comments on FTX fallout and SBF


The Ethereum co-founder has spoken out about the aftermath of the FTX hack and the backlash against Sam Bankman-Fried, the company’s former CEO. It appears that members of the cryptocurrency world are in complete agreement over their disinterest on the actions taken by SBF, who formerly served as chief executive officer of FTX.

The overwhelming majority of responses have been absolutely negative, with many individuals such as senator Elizabeth Warren, former Kraken CEO Jesse Powell advocating for incarceration as well as the hardest possible regulatory consequences. 

In addition to that, Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, has shared his thoughts on the topic. He holds the opinion that as a public person, SBF is entitled to everything that he is receiving. In an effort to reiterate essential principles for the community, he went so far as to say that this is beneficial. On the contrary, Buterin also believes that “Sam the human being” is deserving of our affection and support.

Should SBF be treated with kindness?

As a public figure, he thinks SBF is deserving of all the criticism he receives. Moreover, he even deemed it beneficial in an effort to reinforce core communal ideals. Ethereum co-founder argues that ‘Sam the human being’ should be treated with kindness and compassion. He tweets

“SBF the public figure deserves what it’s getting and it’s even healthy to have a good dunking session to reaffirm important community values. Sam the human being deserves love, and I hope he has friends and family that can give it to him.”

Even after that, the vast majority of analysts continued to disagree with Buterin, maintaining that SBF’s actions were fraudulent and prompted by malice.

Before he stepped down as CEO, he ensured customers that the United States division of FTX was entirely solvent and that it was not involved in the complication. However, just after a day, it submitted its bankruptcy papers.

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