Want to be Listed on Bancor? TheCoinRise Offers the Best Token Listing Pathway

The Bancor Network is one of the many decentralized exchanges (DEX) that TheCoinRise has alliances with.

The model of operations of Bancor is notably different from those of Binance, Huobi, KuCoin, and the other centralized exchanges. The protocol boasts of itself as a one-stop shop protocol to swap one token for another, and as a staking pool to grow one’s assets.

Branded as one of the biggest names in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem, Bancor Network is a suitable outfit for new projects whose focus is on the growing decentralized economy.

Bancor Network exhibits the true tenets of what a DAO should represent and it rests governance in the hands of its users. Unlike mainstream centralized trading platforms, getting aboard platforms like Bancor takes more intricacies considering the differences in how the trading/liquidity pools are sourced.

Based on these, developers who wish to list on Bancor will need an experienced guide to make their application easy and successful. TheCoinRise, through its token listing service, can play this part, ensuring that the Bancor Network onboarding process is easy and cost-effective.

Tapping TheCoinRise Advantage

With TheCoinRise token listing service, the complexities in dealing with Bancor as a decentralized exchange will be eliminated, as we would handle the communications and correspondence across the board.

With our deep knowledge of the Web3.0 ecosystem including DeFi systems, we can let projects harness our expertise and experience to give their projects a promising head start. With TheCoinRise handling the listing process on Bancor, the projected timeline for the listing will be shifted from ‘indefinite’ to approximately 10 – 20 days.

While Bancor seems to favor more self-custodial transactions, TheCoinRise will ensure that the listed projects gain visibility through the channels on the trading platform. In addition, TheCoinRise will be using its platform to help promote the project, opening up access for it to its millions of monthly readers.

The goal of TheCoinRise in launching the token listing service is to ensure that projects get as much support to push their innovative solutions to every prospective user around the world. We also understand that many developers start their Web3.0 journey with just a single project, and go on to float a lot more. 

We also use the token listing service to help project owners cut down on their projected costs when attempting to list on an exchange like Bancor Network. For an accurate quote of the exchange listing fee, please reach out to TheCoinRise via this channel.

Riding on this, we would try to connect the project’s core developers to the Bancor representatives so both can collaborate better in the near future.

With TheCoinRise, project owners will not be restricted or limited to listing only on centralized trading platforms. Rather, the firm will use its influence to push out the client’s tokens to all the right markets and ensure it is patronized by its defined target market across the board.