Want to be listed on Bitfinex? Pitch Tents With TheCoinRise

Bitfinex is a big-name trading platform in the digital currency ecosystem. This is in part due to its connections with the world’s largest stablecoin, Tether (USDT). By virtue of its role in the industry, it is one of the most sought-after trading platforms for new projects looking to list their tokens on a recognized trading platform.

Bitfinex has hundreds of coins and tokens listed, has a very good exchange score, and there is a huge chance that projects who list on the trading platform will get a significant head start based on the diversity of the Bitfinex ecosystem. 

The popularity of Bitfinex is certainly a boost for startups who get listed on the platform, however, getting successful at the list in a timeline and a more cost-effective manner is what many cannot guarantee. However, TheCoinRise can!

As a news platform, TheCoinRise offers a token listing service that is positioned to take away the stress innovators with a built-in digital asset face when attempting to find a trading platform for their coin or token. 

While the token listing is typically what anyone can do and become successful at it, pitching tents with TheCoinRise, notably offers clients more value in a way that they can get the best of this exchange listing service.

Here are the Offers Associated With the Token Listing Service

  • Expedited Listing Time: Time is of the essence when it comes to the roadmap of any new protocol, and even an old one. With TheCoinRise handling the process, we tend to cut the stress associated with an incomplete application or essential information that can notably aid the speedy listing. With our involvement, listing on Bitfinex is bound to take about 20 to 60 days with the likelihood of hitting the lower end of the range.
  • Lower Cost: Listing on Bitfinex through TheCoinRise is probably cheaper than listing alone. An accurate quote of listings on Bitfinex can be requested by having a chat with TheCoinRise team via this medium.
  • Extra Networking: By listing on Bitfinex through TheCoinRise, clients can also be sure to gain access to the management team of the trading platform, an extension of our years of decade-building capacity in this regard.
  • Enhanced Publicity: Clients who go through TheCoinRise to list on Bitfinex or other trading platforms will be given extra publicity access. While we would ensure Bitfinex promotes the token after the listing is complete for its millions of users to see, we would also use our news platform with a global audience to promote the protocol and its digital asset.

The digital currency ecosystem is an evolving one, and TheCoinRise is optimistic that the true solution providers will enter the limelight. While this may take a while, we are determined to use our token listing service as a springboard for many projects. This will be one of our contributions to the projects, and to the revolution, the industry is charting at large.