Want to be listed on BitMart? Here is Why You Should Use TheCoinRise

BitMart is one of the world’s most renowned trading platforms and is ranked amongst the top 35 on CoinMarketCap. This ranking is a big feat considering the hundreds of trading platforms around today, and it simply implies there is a recognition for its state-of-the-art technologies and operational model.

For project owners looking to list their token on the BitMart exchange, the platform will offer massive exposure, especially to areas where it operates including the United States of America, China, Hong Kong, and Seoul. This unique recognition has made BitMart one of the highly demanded platforms by new projects looking to list their coins for trading.

According to data from CoinMarketCap, BitMart has as many as 623 coins with close to 700 markets, a figure that implies it is one of the exchanges with the most massive trading diversity. The BitMart ecosystem is a robust one and it is worth noting that this makes listing a token on the exchange an in-demand activity.

This can make listing a challenging exercise, one that many token owners may not envisage in advance.

BitMart Listing: Staying on Guard With TheCoinRise

While many token owners may not know what to expect from BitMart when listing – that is, unstated requirements – TheCoinRise does.

While primarily a crypto news and media platform, TheCoinRise has launched a token listing service, combining its expertise as a major player harmonizing interests in the emerging Web3.0 world. 

With the token listing service that we offer, TheCoinRise helps clients stay on guard so they will not be caught unawares when they eventually file their application for listing. To do this, we take over the registration process, bring in our experience doing this, and ensure that all the requirements are met. 

Based on the depth of our networking, we can also stay ahead of the negotiation and spearhead the correspondence with BitMart in such a way that even if there is a need for document updates or other factors that will help the application scale, we do it swiftly within a set timeframe.

Targeted Value Addition from TheCoinRise

With TheCoinRise, we can successfully help clients list their tokens in 10 to 20 days, a timeframe that is probably lower than the regular time when the tokens are listed directly. The exchange listing fee is also notably lower than what would be charged if clients were to submit their applications for listing directly.

With the extreme volatility in the digital currency ecosystem, it is difficult to give an actual figure for the exchange listing fee at this time. However, to get an exact quote, please reach out to TheCoinRise management through this link.

Alongside the listing, we offer our clients the opportunity to gain massive publicity through a pronounced feature on the home page of the exchange where the token is listed. We also grant our clients the opportunity to be featured on our news platform, further exposing them to the millions of readers that visit our platform from around the world.

We believe that this publicity, alongside our trademark of introducing client teams to the exchanges’ management is a worthy contribution to give the project a very good headstart as they vie to occupy a niche in the blockchain industry today.