Want to be listed on DigiFinex? TheCoinRise Offers a Better Option

DigiFinex is a high-profile exchange whose daily trading volume comes in at over $3 billion. In a very competitive trading world, achieving this kind of transaction milestone can only be a testament to the technological advancement of the platform, entwined with a core focus on ensuring traders survive and become profitable.

These exceptional qualities have distinguished DigiFinex and have made it one of the most sought-after trading platforms for new startups looking for a home for their coins. DigiFinex has a robust number of listed coins and tokens on its platform, and as such gives prospective token owners good enough competition.

With uncertainties the hallmark in the digital currency ecosystem now that it is in its infancy, it is ideal for protocols to get ahead of the curve by contracting a proficient expert that can help handle the token listing exercise. 

TheCoinRise fits this profile, as it is now deploying its extensive experience as a news platform with first-hand experience about how protocols in the industry operate to help developers who need more time to focus on what matter to list their tokens on exchanges like DigiFinex

How TheCoinRise Handles the Listing and Associated Benefits

As a crypto media platform, TheCoinRise has a high level of network with industry stakeholders including the top cryptocurrency exchange like DigiFinex.

With our broad influence in the ecosystem, we have been able to build the requisite set of skills that arms us with the precise knowledge of the requirements and application demands that make token listing applications successful at the first trial.

While it is possible for tokens to be approved through direct applications, there are significant time lags that the project’s core team cannot control. TheCoinRise helps put a certainty to the timing, and specifically, listing a token on DigiFinex will take anywhere from 10 to 20 days, giving allowance to any uncertain events.

Choosing TheCoinRise token listing option is also considerably cheaper than when developers attempt to contact the exchange to list their coins directly. An accurate quote on the DigiFinex listing can be obtained by following this link

A new project is faced with so many new and unique challenges one of which is a dedicated budget to speed up promotions across media platforms and other influencing channels. It is worthy of note that one of the value additions that TheCoinRise will offer along the token listing service is global publicity.

This is first achieved by lobbying the listing platform to feature the token’s banner on its home page, thus giving visibility to millions of users around the world.

Additionally, TheCoinRise will help promote the token on its platform, further giving exposure at no extra cost. Other notable benefits of drafting TheCoinRise’s assistance in listing on the DigiFinex exchange include;

  • Zero commission market making cryptocurrency exchange accounts
  • Personal contact with top management of cryptocurrency exchanges
  • All additional cryptocurrency trading pairs are listed for free.

DigiFinex grants a high level of exposure to tokens that are listed on its platform, and above all else, TheCoinRise is working hard to be a part of the landmark achievement by helping firms to list on the platform.