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Listing a digital currency on a Centralized Crypto Exchange (CEX) is often complex, as many of them set requirements that can often hardly be met. Here at TheCoinrise, we aim to add value to our clients to further push the fast adoption of Web3.0. Now, we are adding FMFW.io Exchange to the list of trading platforms covered by our token listing service.

TheCoinRise, as one of the leading news outlets, aligns with the core tenets of trustworthiness and that’s why of the hundreds of crypto exchanges in the industry, we only partner with a select few that we can guarantee to have the right fundamentals to truly deliver value to listed tokens. 

The mission of FMFW.io Exchange (FMFW stands for “Free the Money, Free the World”) is to empower people from all over the world to use cryptocurrencies easily and confidently, first-time traders and professionals alike. With a lightning-fast matching engine, industry-leading security, and high liquidity, complemented with a user-friendly web application, FMFW.io has been consistently delivering top trading experience to their community around the world for over three years and counting.

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Learn more about our partnership and the benefits of listing your project on FMFW.io Exchange through TheCoinrise below.

Key Highlights of TheCoinrise – FMFW.io Partnership

The pivotal partnership between TheCoinrise and FMFW.io Exchange provides an easier, faster, and noticeably more advantageous way for new projects to list on one of the leading CEXes in the industry.  

Educating clients on the advantages of listing through TheCoinrise is a common challenge we face. With this game-changer partnership, it’s easier to demonstrate why you can benefit from it since we’re closer than ever to guaranteeing your protocol’s growth.

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One of the major advantages of listing on FMFW.io through TheCoinrise token listing service is a fast-track listing for ERC20 and BEP20-based tokens in 1-3 days, although any native blockchain and coin can be listed with ease.

Benefits of Listing on FMFW.io Through Us

The Coinrise token listing service is a growing platform that is making the way to get listed on a CEX, a smoother one. Our partnership acts as a bridge between projects and FMFW.io Exchange, helping to create an impactful growth catalyst for newly listed projects through TheCoinrise.

When it comes to understanding why listing on FMFW.io Exchange is a significant step forward for your project, the benefits speak for themselves:

  • Flexible pricing for different blockchains: Get your coin or token integrated on any blockchain. FMFW.io can also offer you a fast-track listing for tokens on the most popular EVM blockchains within 5-7 business days.
  • Custom Marketing & PR roadmap tailored to your project’s needs and goals
  • On-going Collaboration: One-and-go is not about FMFW.io, as they provide clients with continuous free co-marketing initiatives, years after the listing day has passed.
  • Content included: You can give your content team some well-deserved rest: all visuals, copy, and other promotional materials are created by the FMFW.io Team.
  • Endless networking opportunities: Enjoy direct contact with the FMFW.io C-level, and introductions to a wide network of battle-tested crypto market makers and industry leaders.
  • Security-centered: FMFW.io Exchange’s high-security level is reinforced by the fact that the leading CEX has passed Hacken’s industry-leading penetration test with flying colors.


To get started with listing your token on FMFW.io Exchange, get in touch with TheCoinrise via this link.

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