Want to be listed on FTX? TheCoinRise Offers the Better Pathway


The clamor to list a token on prominent trading platforms like the FTX Derivatives Exchange is becoming a much-talked-about trend amongst token developers. This is because FTX is a very big name in the digital currency ecosystem, backed by renowned crypto pioneer, Sam Bankman-Fried.

A listing on FTX can be used as a bragging right and can significantly offer a listed coin or token a massive exposure across the board. As an exchange that ranks as the second largest after Binance according to CoinMarketCap rankings, getting a slot to be featured on FTX can be an arduous task.

To help eliminate any form of strain or delay, TheCoinRise has launched a token listing service that helps interested clients to handle the application for their tokens to be listed. The service is best suited for developers who are new to the industry, and those that want to use FTX as a secondary outfit for their coins to trade.

With our deep knowledge of the requirements per the listing process on FTX, we help our clients package a wholesome application which, alongside our extensive networking with the trading platform, helps cut down the required timing to help the token scale the listing process without hassles.

Defined Benefits of TheCoinRise Token Listing Service

With TheCoinRise, listing a token on FTX comes with so much clarity as to what is expected by the token owners. We demystify the requirements in a way that is related such that client teams can easily aggregate what is needed.

With us at the helm of the listing process, we help cut the listing from its likely indefinite stance to an average of 10 to 20 days. We try to work towards the lower end of the range, as part of our primary goal is to give our clients more time flexibility to meet their goals.

While TheCoinRise listing service is ideal for projects that want to take out the pressure peculiar to listing a new token on FTX, projects running out of time can also find refuge with TheCoinRise, knowing we can process the listing much faster.

Financial management is also crucial for clients and they can achieve this by patronizing TheCoinRise token listing service as the exchange listing fee is dramatically reduced. The actual quote for FTX token listing can be requested by contacting TheCoinRise team through this link.

Extra Access to Functional Publicity

By patronizing TheCoinRise for your token listing service on FTX, clients can gain extra publicity both on the exchange and on our dedicated news platform with millions of monthly page views. 

As a new or established token, the extra publicity that TheCoinRise offers alongside the token listing service can go a very long way toward revitalizing the project which can always benefit from the global exposure on offer.

Besides this, we will also make an introduction between the exchange teams and the project owners to facilitate any potential future collaborations.

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