Want to be listed on HotBit? TheCoinRise is the Best Channel for You

There is hardly a trading platform around today that can beat the HotBit exchange when it comes to the massive number of listed tokens it hosts. As a result, it comes off as the very first point of contact for token developers looking to list their digital currencies or tokens on a mainstream centralized exchange.

According to data from CoinMarketCap, there are exactly 1,607 coins listed on HotBit at the time of writing, a figure that is significantly higher than the number listed on Gate.io, the next highest. Ideally, the more the listed coins, the higher the chance a token developer has to list an asset on HotBit, however, the leniency of the platform has made it even more competitive to list on.

As a result of this, project owners will gain a faster and better result when they apply to list on HotBit with all the expos that will make their application successful. This is a value addition that can be provided by TheCoinRise, through its newly launched token listing service

As observed, most developers waste valuable time when trying to list a token as they tend to jostle many things in their to-do lists, a scenario that typically makes them miss some details that get their applications rejected. By contracting a third party like TheCoinRise, some of these inconsistencies can be eliminated, and the token listing will be able to meet up with the defined timeline.

Other Benefits TheCoinRise Offers

Listing a token may not be the primary business focus for TheCoinRise, however, it has developed enough capacity as a news media and an information hub to know what exchanges require from projects that want to be featured on their platform.

As an authority in the Web3.0 world, we have also built the right capacity, and networking with these exchanges, which makes us get a priority listing slot for any protocol we represent. Based on this feature, we can help list a token on HotBit for 5 to 10 days, despite records many have shared that the listing can take much longer.

With the token listing service, TheCoinRise will also help to reduce the cost that will be incurred when listing the coin. The exact quote for the exchange listing fee on HotBit through TheCoinRise can be gotten by chatting with our specialized team here.

Projects who consult TheCoinRise to list their token on HotBit will also enjoy extra publicity as we will ensure that the token is featured on the exchange’s front page. We will also use our platform to promote the token, an extra incentive that will propel the project to millions of dedicated readers that visit our news platform every month.

There is a lot of leverage that listing on HotBit will offer a token, and much more, going through TheCoinRise.

We have projected that the Web3.0 world is one that is filled with many emerging protocols, with our service and backing, we can help the project expand their sphere of influence as we would also connect them to the management of HotBit sometime along the listing process.