Want to be listed on Huobi? TheCoinRise is The Best Option for You

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Huobi Global is one of the world’s most recognized digital currency trading platforms. The exchange has extensive operation operations in Seychelles where it is based. Its operations also extend to Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, the United States, and other regions in the world.

Huobi Global is a first-class trading platform that takes its compliance very seriously. This accounts for why the firm exited the Chinese markets where it initially launched its operations. Based on this, Huobi will be an ideal platform for projects looking to list their coin/token on a platform that takes attention to compliance.

With infrastructures that are very advanced, Huobi has continued to enjoy patronage from both market whales and retail investors. With the impressive offering, the trading platform gives, it has become a highly sought-after one by developers looking to list their tokens.

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The token listing process might sound like a straightforward affair. However, there are some intricacies that if not handled well can lead to delay, and waste of funds. In a bid to help prevent this, TheCoinRise has set up a new service offering to help provide the needed aid that all projects need to successfully list their tokens on Huobi.

Listing on Huobi With Benefits

It is possible to list on Huobi, but getting it done fast, and at a cheap rate is not guaranteed. This is where TheCoinRise comes in to help list with extra benefits attached.

Over the years, we have built TheCoinRise news media as a glue to bring together different stakeholders in the space. While the crypto media platform is our first jump, this listing service will cater to a much-neglected set of professionals.

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We have built the necessary networking in the space from which our clients can benefit. With us handling the token listing process on Huobi, we can guarantee an average turnaround time of 20 – 60 days. Additionally, we ensure that the exchange listing fee does not break the banks of our clients.

This is why with our partnership with the trading platform, listing through us is cheaper. For an accurate quote of the price, please contact TheCoinRise through this link.

Amongst the extra value addition that we give our client is the extra publicity at no extra cost. We ensure that their listed tokens are featured on the front page of the Huobi platform to gain more visibility. We also provide promotional content through our page to grant our clients the global visibility and diversity that their projects need to kick off on an outstanding note.

While listing a token on an exchange like Huobi has delayed many in the past, with TheCoinRise, the opposite is the case. We not only handle the listing, but we also tailor the process to suit the demand and timing of our clients.

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