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Indodax is a modest digital currency trading platform that serves as a hub that is suitable for both new and old token listings. Formerly known as bitcoin.co.id, Indodax prides itself as the largest digital currency trading platform in Indonesia.

Listing one’s coins or tokens on Indodax is a fast track to gaining exposure to the Asian market in a regulated environment. As a customer-centric company, INDODAX aims to offer features that promote ease of use. The team claims that users can purchase digital assets with IDR within an hour.

To list on Indodax may appear straightforward but in a bid to maximize time, and optimize resources, a token listing service provider like TheCoinRise is best consulted.

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While it is true that nobody has a monopoly of knowledge, TheCoinRise has garnered the prerequisite experience when it comes to token listing, and coupled with its extensive network with Indodax, it is in the best position to help projects print unique value across the board.

With TheCoinRise handling the token listing process, the project will be able to get priority listing on Indodax, saving time, money, manpower, and resources in general.

Value Offerings from TheCoinRise

Listing on Indodax through TheCoinRise offers quite a lot of advantages as project owners can easily cut back on costs and save valuable time while spending time on innovations that can add value to their communities. 

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With TheCoinRise listing, rather than wait in uncertainty for your coins to be listed, we can get the listing down in approximately 5 – 10 days. While we guarantee a 100% listing success, we would also help projects gain massive exposure as their token announcement will be featured on the main page of the cryptocurrency exchange with the token’s banner.

Besides this, the project is also given a special promotional slot on TheCoinRise’s new media page. This extra exposure will open the project to millions of committed Web3.0 readers across the board.

The listing service will also cover zero commission market-making cryptocurrency exchange accounts and the TheCoinRise team will be able to connect the developers to the management team of the exchange for ease of correspondence.

Atop all of these, TheCoinRise will also grant exposure to the projects by publishing content that can further broaden the projects’ media exposure on other select media platforms. While our token listing service gives an overview of the exchange listing fee specific for Indodax, interesting projects will get proper detail on the listing fee by contacting TheCoinRise through this link.

More Time for Productivity

The Web3.0 ecosystem is an emerging world, one that requires all hands to be on deck to build products that can be used by people. Token listing and eventual trading on an exchange is a secondary focus for developers when compared with offering usable products that will be appreciated by the community.

By bringing to life the division of labor to all that needs to be done, the project can achieve more, and with TheCoinRise, gain the above-listed extra incentives. 

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