Want to be listed on LBank? Explore the Best Token Listing Service With TheCoinRise

Looking from the layman’s perspective, listing a token on a top crypto exchange like LBank is supposed to be easy. However, the opposite is often the case when the experiences of developers or token owners are sampled across the board.

While the blockchain ecosystem is generally presented as an industry where open access thrives, there is still a high level of competition amongst protocols operating in the space. As a result of these, exchanges like LBank are often overwhelmed with requests for coin/token listing and most of those reaching out does not always meet the set criteria, thus leading to rejections.

This is where the token listing service that was launched by TheCoinRise media comes in. Having been a major player in the digital currency ecosystem, we have built the necessary experiences and networking to aid project owners looking to list their tokens on LBank or any other cryptocurrency exchange for that matter.

Our token/coin listing service is tailored to suit any kind of project, and can easily be accessed by those looking to save valuable time in pursuit of listing their coins on LBank.

Advantages of TheCoinRise Token Listing Service

Listing on LBank through TheCoinRise brings quite a lot of advantages as project owners can easily cut back on costs and save valuable time while spending time on innovations that can add value to their communities. 

With TheCoinRise listing, rather than wait in uncertainty for your coins to be listed, we can get the listing down in approximately 10 – 20 days. While we guarantee a 100% listing success, we would also help projects gain massive exposure as their token announcement will be listed on the main page of the cryptocurrency exchange with the token’s banner.

The listing service will also cover zero commission market-making cryptocurrency exchange accounts and TheCoinRise team will be able to connect the developers to the management team of the exchange for ease of correspondence.

Atop all of these, TheCoinRise will also grant exposure to the projects by publishing content that can further broaden the projects’ media exposure. While our token listing service gives an overview of the exchange listing fee specific for LBank, interesting projects will get proper detail on the listing fee by contacting TheCoinRise through this link.

Bolstering Win for All

Listing a token on an exchange gives immense value to a protocol and its community as they can trade the coin and exchange it for other digital assets. 

While the underlying model the industry is charting is one that is easy for all, TheCoinRise is stepping into the gap to provide as much ease as developers and project owners who do not know their way in the ecosystem will need.

TheCoinRise is best suited for this token listing service considering the massive media exposure we have. With a purely fundamental goal of the token listing service hinged on providing assistance to projects who need it the most, TheCoinRise takes pride in seeing the project win with ease with minimal financial benefits going to us.