Want to be listed on OKX? Choose TheCoinRise Token Listing Service

OKX is one of the world’s most renowned cryptocurrency trading platforms with a massive user base. The exchange platform was formerly called OKEX prior to the name change, and it ranks among the top 20 trading platforms as profiled by CoinMarketCap. 

With innovative technology and algorithms amongst the fancy features being brandished by OKX, the platform is one of the most sought-after by old and new developers who have a native token to list on a prominent exchange. OKX is ideal for both tokens that have been listed on one trading platform that needed a new exposure, and those coins that are just looking for the best platform to list their assets.

While those who have a token listed before are generally more experienced in the process involved, new listers may find the process somewhat cumbersome. In order to help these two categories of project owners to ease their stress as regards their token listing on OKX, TheCoinRise has launched a token listing service to help take care of this specific need.

Irrespective of the stage of development of a project, it is imperative that the project’s management team is fully focused on products that can add value to users, the community, and investors. Outsourcing tasks like token listing creates this needed time, and with the value that is on offer by TheCoinRise, contracting a third party makes it much more worth it.

What TheCoinRise Brings to the Table

With TheCoinRise handling the token listing process for the project on OKX, a considerable amount of time can be saved. Based on the exchange’s need to pay attention to details, and its compliance procedures, listing a token on the platform can be extended over a significant period of time. 

However, the listing by TheCoinRise can take approximately 20 to 60 days even though TheCoinRise team will generally work towards the lower end of the range. Irrespective of the experience of the token owners, TheCoinRise helps to cut costs when listing on OKX when compared to directly applying to list the digital on the cryptocurrency exchange. 

As stakeholders in the digital currency ecosystem today, it is glaring that the volatility in the market makes it hard to put a defined peg on the asset prices. This also applies to the potential token listing fee. In order to get an accurate quote of what the exchange listing fee on OKX through TheCoinRise will cost, please contact the executive in charge through this link.

The channel is also open for all inquiries beyond the information given in this article.

In a bid to bring more value to our clients, TheCoinRise also ensures that the listed tokens get a massive amount of publicity first by featuring them on the front page of OKX and also to gain extra publicity on TheCoinRise media platform.

We also connect our clients with the top management of the trading platform as we reckon that this is very vital in promoting future collaborations between all the parties.