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UpBit is a vibrant digital currency trading platform serving Web3.0 users in South Korea and around the world. It is operated by Dunamu, a high-value startup in South Korea and it comes off as one of the most prominent outfits when it comes to adherence to regulatory structures, and precepts.

With UpBit, tokens enjoy massive liquidity and exposure to a pool of investors that are as global as they are diversified. UpBit is a perfect getaway for all tokens looking to expand their influence in the crypto world, as well as make their debut in the digital assets trading world.

UpBit is ranked as the 29 largest digital currency trading platform by CoinmarketCap, and with its position, it has garnered a lot of goodwill from project developers who wish for their tokens to be listed on the platform. While this is a noble desire, packaging an application that will make it come through can be arduous.

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This is why project owners need to consider using TheCoinRise for their token listing service.

By letting TheCoinRise take over the listing process, clients can rest assured that they will be shunting all cumbersome application approaches, correspondence bottlenecks, and other notable impediments that can prevent their listing applications from becoming successful.

How TheCoinRise Token Listing Service Stands Out

As it stands, the digital currency ecosystem is not fully developed, and as a result, token listing on behalf of clients as a service is not yet fully developed.

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The implication of this is that TheCoinRise is a pioneer in offering this service, and as such has no comparison with any other. However, it is possible to highlight the benefit that the platform will offer its clients across the board.

These offerings and their benefits are highlighted below;

  • Lower Exchange Listing fee: Listing on UpBit through TheCoinRise is probably cheaper than listing alone. An accurate quote of listings on UpBit can be requested by having a chat with TheCoinRise team via this medium.
  • Shortened Listing Time: Time is of the essence when it comes to the roadmap of any new protocol, and even an old one. 

With TheCoinRise handling the process, we tend to cut the stress associated with an incomplete application or essential information that can notably aid the speedy listing. With our involvement, listing on UpBit is bound to take about 20 to 60 days with the likelihood of hitting the lower end of the range.

  • Enhanced Networking: By listing on UpBit through TheCoinRise, clients can also be sure to gain access to the management team of the trading platform, an extension of our years of decade-building capacity in this regard.
  • Enhanced Publicity: Clients who go through TheCoinRise to list on UpBit or other trading platforms will be given extra publicity access. While we would ensure UpBit promotes the token after the listing is complete for its millions of users to see, we would also use our news platform with a global audience to promote the protocol and its digital asset.

Confluence of Benefits

The move to list a token on an exchange platform is oftentimes cumbered by a lot of internal bureaucracies and exchange policies that may be hard to navigate. However, TheCoinRise helps harmonize all inconsistencies and to give a confluence of benefits as outlined above and at a much more reduced cost.

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