Web3.0 Gaming Platform Heroic Story Secures $6M in Seed Round

The Web3.0 gaming and entertainment studio, Heroic Story successfully raised $6 million in a seed financing round. Per the startup’s release, the funding round has currently placed the company’s valuation at $7.4 million.

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The financing round led by Upfront Ventures also had representation from heavyweights in the crypto sphere like Multicoin Capital and Polygon Technology. Other prominent investors include Andreessen Horowitz’s Jonathan Lai as well as Wolfgang Hammer Miramex’s head of film, amongst others. 

Heroic Story Re-defines Web3.0 RPGs

With the support of investors and strategic partners, Heroic Story intends to reimagine traditional tabletop role-playing games (RPGs) for users of Web3.0 technology.

The new funds will also afford it the opportunity to hire experienced workers that will market the live beta and promote and develop the on-chain technology for a Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) environment. 

The startup coined by Y Combinator will provide original online RPGs experience for a large audience globally, most especially for people who have shown great interest in tabletop RPGs. Similarly, the firm will specialize in enhancing and marketing dual-player versions of the tabletop RPGs (TTRPGs).

Interestingly, the startup wants to turn the traditional method of playing games into a gaming platform that will have a variety of matchmaking services with renowned game masters. The invention of story-led digital collectibles that allow players to discuss their adventures together will also be made available. 

Meanwhile, the US-based firm recently released an online version of Legends of Fortunata, a TTRPG that was created by the firm’s founders. This happens to be its first storytelling game that enables writers to jointly write stories for individuals and then create them as Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

However, the TTRPG version, unlike the firm’s first version, will attract new players. Individuals will not have to play with the same set of people anymore as they will get the benefit of meeting new players anytime they want to play games.

In response to the harsh crypto winter and the market downturn, Web 3.0 gaming studio Mythical Games recently slashed its about 320 employees by 10%.

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