WeTransfer Taps Minima Protocol to Explore the Practical Use of NFT


Cloud-based file transfer service, WeTransfer has announced a collaboration with Minima Global to deploy Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on its network. 

Through this partnership, users will have the option of creating NFTs directly from their phone or any gadget. This will give them the power over how and with whom they exchange their digital assets and create income.

The NFT minting service has been proposed to begin in March. As part of the requirements, users will be required to run a Minima node before they will be permitted to use the services.

Furthermore, Minima stated in a press release that the NFTs would be provided through a secure peer-to-peer network. Thus, enabling the transfer of an NFT from one person to another without the use of middlemen.

WeTransfer is a file transfer service that lets users send and receive large files up to 2GB for free and 20GB for paid accounts. The platform allows users to transfer files without the need for an account, making it an appealing option for both individuals and businesses.

On the other hand, Minima Blockchain is a completely decentralized network. It features a Minima coin as its currency, which functions as a medium of exchange, permitting peer-to-peer value transfer to any participant on the Minima network.

Web2 File-Sharing Services Wading into Blockchain 

Blockchain technology is being investigated by numerous web 2.0 file-sharing firms as a way to improve their offerings. These services use blockchain technology to try to solve some of the issues with centralization, security, and transparency that are present in traditional file-sharing platforms.

In October, Google announced a partnership with Coinbase to permit some of its users to pay for its cloud services with crypto. This would be achievable through an integration with the Coinbase Commerce service.

Additionally, Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently partnered with Ava Labs, the developer of the Avalanche network (AVAX). Ava Labs plans to introduce a couple of features that will add speed to the running of a node.

Overall, the integration of blockchain technology in file-sharing services is still in its early stages, but it holds promise to revolutionize the way we share and manage files in the future.

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