Women are HODLing Crypto Despite Market Gloom – BlockFi Survey

Real Talk survey reported by global cryptocurrency financial service company BlockFi shows that women vested in crypto are still hodling digital assets despite the ongoing crypto winter. Particularly, the survey portrayed that women’s interest in crypto has not significantly decreased even as the global market keeps experiencing a chaotic downtrend.

Particularly, the Real Talk survey which is a series focused on understanding changing consumer sentiment towards crypto, investing, and other related topics, was conducted by a third-party survey panel on September 20, 2022. It involved 1,075 females who were identified as Americans between the ages of 18 and 65. 

Women both from the Millenials and GenZ generations are interested in choosing crypto as their first investment. Many of these women, about 69% of them declared that they “hold crypto and remain hold-only.” Some others are not confident about their ‘wealth being’ as they believe that they have not attained financial security.

Flori Marquez, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of BlockFi said “The latest edition of BlockFi’s Women x Crypto survey data reveals that many women are looking to the crypto markets to make their first investment. And while the younger, digitally-native generations are more likely to adopt crypto, Gen X and Baby Boomers are also open to participating. 

It’s exciting to see crypto adoption across generations. I’m hopeful that women who have yet to make an investment consider making that first step towards entering the market.”

More Women to Enter the Crypto Industry

The BlockFi findings showed that more than one in five women representing 22%, still intend to buy crypto in the next 12 months. This figure is only slightly down from 28% the previous year. Also, 20% of the women who participated in the survey believe crypto to be a good hedge against inflation. 

In comparison to individual stock and real estate, many GenZ women, up to 20% chose Bitcoin (BTC) as the best choice for long-term investment.

A large percentage of these women who are crypto investors also talked about adopting a buy-and-hold investment strategy. According to them, this investment strategy has a more strong long-term outlook for the asset class.

Important to realize is that well-known billionaire investor Tim Draper told Scott Melker that women will most likely play a vital role in the next BTC bull market, bringing the largest cryptocurrency by market cap (BTC) up to $250,000.