Women in Australia have doubled their crypto portfolio this year


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The latest survey by Australia- based cryptocurrency exchange Independent Reserve named Independent Reserve’s Cryptocurrency Index (IRCI) discloses a 100% increase in the portfolio of Australian females who own cryptocurrencies in the last one year. The survey has seen a participation of 2000 women recipients.

The survey reveals that the number of women who have invested currently or previously in Crypto has their portfolio risen from 10.3% in 2020 to 20% in 2021. Notably, the survey also reveals that the percentage of female Bitcoin owners has also surged from 8.3% in 2020 to 14.8% in 2021.

Independent reserve was founded in 2013 and has over 200,000 users. As per the deputy chair of the board of Blockchain Australia, Karen Cohen, More women have entered the market in 2021 as the asset class continues to become a mainstream investment opportunity.

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Cohen said That she notes that Crypto is less risky and is just among many different ways of investing As the digital currencies have continued their goal of high adoption. 

She cited an example of Commonwealth Bank of Australia adding crypto trading as a service in its app during early November, strengthening people’s trust over the market. 

Before this, Matt Comyn, the CEO of the bank, said that he finds missing out on Crypto a bigger risk than investing in it.

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Independent Reserve sees Crypto becoming mainstream in Australia

Adrian Przelozny, the co-founder of Independent Reserve, said that cryptocurrency investments have become more and more acceptable and mainstream in Australia over time, and hence, the perceived risk also went down. He further stated:

“I think that as that happens, you’ll see more and more women enter the market.”

There is a huge gender gap between female and male Crypto investors, and the main reason behind it is attributed to women having more tendency to be risk-averse as compared to men. Recently, the Art Tactic also claimed that more than 77% of the NFT art sales go to men artists.

Cohen states:

“A lot of women are getting referrals from their friends and family, so they’re getting a feeling a bit safer to get involved.”

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